How to wear Avant-Garde to a potluck…

Avant-Garde – Day 7

Congrats!  cmajernik!  You won the Kate Spade purse!

Kate_Spade_Clutch_Bag As far as the question goes, “Who invented the purse?”  The answer is first the Egyptians (purses appear in hieroglyphics) and then in 1841 industrialist Samuel Parkinson ordered a set of luggage and an even smaller bag for his wife to carry on their train trips — the little leather bag caused such a sensation that the modern day purse was invented.

And, as far as Avant-garde is going for me, pretty good, although I’m quickly running out of pants because this look needs a lot of dry cleaning.  I was forced into jeans yesterday  —

Avant_Garde_Charcoal_DrivewayHere I am dressed for a preschool potluck dinner.  This outfit says neither “preschool” or “potluck” but no one seemed to notice and I brought a big watermelon offering.  I realize that just slicing up a bunch of watermelon is kind of cheating in the potluck world, but do Avant-Garde moms care about the unspoken rules of covered dish gatherings?

I am pleased to say that no, no they do not.



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