The best and worst eco-friendly outfits…

Eco Mama – Day 17

The Best eco-friendly outfit award goes to me for the following look —


Outfit highlights include a locally purchased, fair-trade skirt by Purple Moon, handmade sandals given to me by my friend Apryl from her trip to Greece, locally made jewelry, organic, fair trade belt and a “repurposed” Michael Stars shirt from my Euro Chic month.

Now the Worst eco-friendly outfit award goes to my son, Buck, for his choice in Halloween costumes —


Outfit highlights include some kind of poly-vinyl toxic non-recyclable unitard that will no doubt remain perfectly intact in a landfill a thousand years from now.  Some of the comforting warnings on the costume package read, “Morphsuit can impair vision and should not be worn near flames or any direct heat source.”  It’s delightful “new costume smell” filled our car the whole ride home from Party City today and after Buck ran around our yard with it on for a few minutes he slumped over on a hay bale and I could hear loud muffled panting.

Me:  “Buck, are you okay?  Can you breathe in that thing?”

Buck:  “What?”

Me:  “Can you breathe in that thing?”

Buck:  “I can’t hear you.”


Buck:  “Sort of.”

Ah, that’s music to a mom’s ears, isn’t it?  The answer sort of to the question of breathing.  I must say, there is one really great thing about this costume though — 


There’s no way Buck can eat too much candy on Halloween night.

He just doesn’t realize it yet.


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