Me and my big, organic underwear…

Eco Mama – Day 16

Okay, so the question of the day is, “Are organic bras and underwear better for you than conventional bras and underwear?”  And the answer is — it depends on who you ask.  I have looked all over the internet and found absolutely no official study that says if you buy your underwear from Target, The Gap or some other big superstore that chances are your naughty bits will eventually rot and fall off.  However, if you google “The Health benefits of organic underwear” you will find all sorts of information to the contrary.  In fact, organic underwear professes to claim the following:

• Softer and safer than conventional cotton fabrics
• Lasts ten times longer than conventional cotton
• Processed without harsh toxic chemicals
• Allergen Free
• Breathable fabric
• Pesticide free

My feeling is this — if organic and conventional underwear and bras cost about the same amount, why not go with organic?  You get to err on the side of safety and help the planet out by buying a product that isn’t toxic and hurting the Earth and quite possibly, your private parts.  With this notion, I set out to ditch my ratty Old Navy underwear in favor of something chic, inexpensive and organic.  And this is what I found —


I bought this organic underwear from American Apparel.  They were on sale and now I know why.  They’re gigantic.  This underwear reminds me of the mesh underwear you get in the hospital after you have a baby — you know the kind so big you can comfortably fit a huge adult diaper and a cold pack in with plenty of room left over for your giant mushy stomach?  Here’s what they look like in action —


On the bright side, they are really comfortable and for the first time in my life I’m kind of trendy —


The only problem is that my children actually screamed every time I bent over and they saw my underwear… and unfortunately, most of this screaming occurred in public.

I’m going to keep the organic search going.  I’ve found two sites that sell reasonably sized organic bras and underwear – Bare Necessities and Not on the High Street — but does anyone know any place else?

I’d be nice to wear underwear that’s cute and slightly smaller than a car cover.






  • Von says:

    They definitely look like men’s undies.

  • Juliana says:

    They look like boys underwear with the fly opening. Personally, after four kids, I need high waters to keep all the jiggly bits from, ah, jiggling. (And skirts are more forgiving of high waisted knickers.

  • Megan says:

    Are sure those aren’t mens- I think the mens and womens look the same sometimes at A Apparel. Double check maybe. I double checked a situation this week and I was shocked to find something completely unexpected.

  • Sian says:

    Oh I need those to hold my wobbly bits in! All the granny knickers in the shops I look in are always sooo boring and ugly and black, white or beige. Hmm, delightful… :(

    Some of us need big knickers, these do look quite cool to me.

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