An all day outing in organic…

Eco Mama – Day 7


My kids and I headed to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley the other day and it was one of those outings as a mom you know you have to dress for comfort and durability — a lot of standing, a lot of putting children on your shoulders to see exhibits and since there was a cafe, a lot of ketchup and mustard haphazardly squirted from those giant, maddening condiment dispensers that are designed to ruin perfectly clean clothes.

Before my style quest, I would have gone for my go-to mom uniform — jeans, t-shirt, sneakers and my oh-so-chic fleece jacket.  But this time I wore a skirt.  And not just any skirt — an all organic skirt (Synergy), organic t-shirt (Global Girlfriend), fair trade belt and scarf (Global Girlfriend), repurposed purse made from Indian Newsprint (Global Girlfriend), and handmade sandals my friend Apryl brought back from Israel for me.  And it felt great… most of the time.


Was my outfit comfortable?  Actually, yes.

Was my outfit inexpensive?  Actually, yes.

Did I regret wearing a skirt when I had to crawl under an experiment table to retrieve a lost ping pong ball and a spider crawled up my shirt and I started screaming and flailing my legs around so that the entire “toddler play zone” saw my underwear?

Actually, yes.

At least it was organic underwear.




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