And the Eco Fashion Challenge Winner is…

Eco Mama – Day 26

My kids were so excited by the idea that we were going to make a bunch of homemade beauty products (“like we have a real store!”) that they insisted on picking not one, not two, but three winners… and they are Katy, Johanna and Von!  Congratulations!  Your skin thanks you, Mother Earth thanks you and most importantly, the makers of coconut oil thank you for participating in this quiz.


I LOVED all your answers to the question, “Name one thing that makes you feel great.”  Some people loved to be out in nature (exercising, gardening, feeding fish in their koi pond) while others loved to clean, nap or throw things at their business partners.  Several of you commented on how much you loved to eat sweets ALONE and I couldn’t agree more.


Once when I was a kid I found my mom’s stash of Hersey bars stuffed behind some wine glasses in a very high cabinet.  I was totally shocked that she was apparently holding out on us and now I totally get it.  Our house now is set up very much like a speak easy during prohibition except hidden behind pictures and lamps there is chocolate instead of alcohol.

I forgot to mention another thing that makes me feel great — writing my blog and connecting with all of you.  Thanks so much for sticking with me on my fashion journey so far.

I feel so blessed.



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