An Eco Fashion Challenge!

Eco Mama – Day 25

I thought I’d make today’s prize a little different.  See, I was so excited about Renae’s post and all of her amazing homemade beauty products (the coconut oil face wash and apple cider vinegar toner has been a miracle for me.  I can’t stop touching my face — which I know you’re not supposed to do, but I can’t stop touching my face!) that I went out and got all the ingredients for the rest of the products — even ylang ylang essential oil and arrowroot powder (say that five times fast.)  I have enough ingredients to make several extras and so I thought it would be fun to give away a homemade beauty product kit.


It won’t look like this, so don’t get your hopes up.  There will be no sprigs of lavender tied up with twine attached to your products — I’m afraid I was not born with the “cute gift wrapping gene” and unfortunately, countless hours staring at Martha Stewart’s magazine has not seemed to be able to cure it.  But I promise, your natural beauty kit will be all organic, all yummy and most importantly, all good for you.

Today’s Eco Challenge Question?

Name one thing you do that makes you feel great — because feeling great is a really important part of being healthy.  Maybe it’s taking a walk in nature.  Maybe it’s riding a mechanical bull.  Maybe it’s crank calling your mother-in-law.  I’m not asking you how many salads you eat a day — don’t worry.  Everyone is unique and I’m wondering what your unique way is to feel great.

For me, I would have to say the thing that makes me feel really great is to wait until my children aren’t home, then get a big black garbage bag and take all their toys that I hate to Goodwill.  You know the toys I’m talking about — those crappy prizes you get at Chuck E. Cheese or some horrible, loud toy they insisted on two Christmas’s ago and haven’t played with since.  I have done this for years and they never even notice the toys are gone!  And it makes their room a place you want to be in, not a cluttered mess.

And the feeling I get when I drop off that blinking, noisy bag at Goodwill and get in my car — well, it’s pure bliss.  I know throwing away my children’s toys has added years to my life.  

You have until tomorrow night for the quiz.  As always, my kids will pick the winner at random.  After all, they have nothing better to do — they have no toys!  Good luck!






  • Heidi J says:

    Getting a full restful night’s sleep and then waking up on my own. I have young kids so, yeah, it happens very, very rarely.

  • Bridget says:

    I might be too late, but all the same- Every once in awhile it feels great to flip off the dirty kitchen/pile of dishes and go to sleep at 8:30!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      I agree. I am going to bed tonight just like that — except it’s late and I’m too tired to clean the kitchen.

  • katy says:

    Eating a milkshake too thick to drink while sitting on my bed ALONE (this is key to enjoyment) while watching Star Trek :)

  • Kelly says:

    Digging into my hidden mom-stash of chocolate when the kids aren’t looking!

  • Angela says:

    I love to move around furniture. Everyday treat is taking my cup of coffee to the porch and sipping it while looking at my yard.

  • Marge in Maryland says:

    I love vacuuming, cleaning toilets, clearing away toys. I love the feeling I get from doing something and then seeing results. In my work life I don’t always get to see the results, so the instant gratification from cleaning or getting rid of stuff does wonders for me. Also, doing fun, simple things with my kids like checking out caterpillars or throwing rocks into a creek gives me that feeling, too!

  • Amy dennis says:

    Taking something dirty and grimy and making it shine. Like the shower head or kitchen faucet!

  • Johanna Lamb says:

    What makes me feel great everyday? Before my current career as a stay at home mom I earned two music degrees in oboe performance with the hopes of one day playing full time in a professional orchestra.
    While my job has changed, my passion for music remains so everyday I make a point to play the oboe. Sometimes I play music for fun, sometimes I challenge myself to learn new works and sometimes I am practicing for an upcoming performance.
    My son loves to watch me play the oboe and he turns all his blocks and toys into little “oboes” so he can practice along with me.
    Getting this time each and everyday really makes me feel great because spending time doing something I am passionate about centers my mind and gives me the strength to give back to my family. I am really thankful that I have been able to continue to enjoy music in the midst of motherhood.

  • Melissa says:

    On a nice day, I like to sneak away from everyone and go feed the fish in our coi pond. If the weather isn’t so great I like to sneak away from everyone and read a few paragraphs of some romance novel on my Kindle. Making some of these homemade beauty products is on my to-do list. Has been for months. Have you seen a recipe for homemade mascara? I’m planning to try that one too. Someday…

  • Lauren says:

    I am getting back into shape after all three kids, and it makes me feel really great when I not only take the time for myself for a run, but when I finish that run feeling strong and healthy, rather than weak and exhausted. The former is happening more and more often lately…go me!

  • Lacey says:

    Cooking a really tasty and healthy meal for my family makes me feel great. Especially if it’s a new recipe and it turns out!

  • christie says:

    I like to grab a quick nap before I pick my girls up at school. I also like the trash bag therapy.

  • Amiable says:

    Ooh – feeling great! The first thought that came to my mind was taking a hike in nature. But dejunking was the second thing that came to mind. I think I’ll try to do both today. And I’m really hoping to try some homemade deodorant sometime soon too.

  • JennyM says:

    getting a huge mass of books from the library. Feeling the indulgence of “a lot” without spending any money. And the $17.50 of late fees doesn’t count!

  • Amy says:

    Gardening. I don’t even have to accomplish anything. Just being in the garden, puttering. I lose track of time and feel wonderful.

  • Von says:

    Haha, you’re my kind of mummy there with the black bag of toys. Something I really enjoy is having a good chat to one of my ex boyfriends on the phone. I’d say he’s my best friend and it is just good to talk about fun we all had back in uni days and have a laugh., I kind of miss my male friends since becoming a wife and mum. Again though, too far away for the prizes!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      I love, love, love this answer. And my kids did pick your name as a winner. I know you’re far away, but I’d love to send it to you anyway!

      • Von says:

        I do have coconut oil, almond oil and lavender essential oil in the cupboard so I could have a bash at making something from the blog you mentioned as I was going to buy a few more essential oils and things. I was just at a 2 h home use essential oil class and it was fun so I’m just stocking up. I read the blog post from your friend and I’ve used bicarb before as an exfoliator, it is good. Save the postage and pop it in the pot for next month’s wardrobe budget :-)

        • My Year of Fabulous says:

          I think I’ll need extra money in my wardrobe for bombshell next month!

          • Von says:

            You’re so kind for offering to send to me in Scotland and I don’t want to seem ungrateful but I’m just about allergic to everything. You got lots of entries so if not the bombshell budget then I’m sure one of the other folk who entered would be delighted to receive some of your eco mumma lovelies.

  • Janice says:

    Love your big black bag idea! I’ve tried to do that in the past but I frankly need more time home alone! Right now I love taking my girls out to the driveway with a box of chalk. We can sit and draw whatever and be outside and relax. Our driveway looks beautiful right now!

  • Bo says:

    Giving a giant hug to my horse. There is nothing like a having a big beautiful animal to force love on.
    I also get great joy out of throwing things at my business partner…he never listens until I bean him on the side of the head with a giant sharpie..

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      I love this answer. And by the way, I am sending you some natural deodorant. Would you be willing to try it?

      • Bo says:

        Really? I’d love to try it! I am at that age where I don’t care if I smell bad anymore…just kidding..of course I care!

        • My Year of Fabulous says:

          I am so making you a batch of beauty products. The coconut oil face wash — you have to do it! It’s the best! Wait to you see your wrinkles go away — not that you have any!

  • mirmtrog says:

    Gracie and I carpool to work even though we fight to tears practically every day. You’re welcome, environment.
    I really, really want homemade beauty products. I plan on trying to pull coconut oil tomorrow a.m. to see if it helps my gum disease.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      The environment does thank you. And by the way, expect a homemade beauty product kit to finding it’s way to you in a couple of weeks! I’d love to make you one — tell me if it works and you like it! I’d be curious to know about the coconut oil on your gums.

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