An organic outfit for the pumpkin patch…

Eco Mama – Day 23


I was so, so, so very happy today that I chose Eco Mama for October.  I’m a firm believer in going to as many pumpkin patches as possible around Halloween and I just can’t imagine picking out a pumpkin in Bombshell or taking a hay ride in Arty Slick.  These events call for jeans and a t-shirt and if they happen to be organic, then all the better.


I was even grateful for my Tom shoes today because they kept my feet very comfortable when my kids and I got lost in a corn maze for almost forty-five minutes.  After ten minutes of being lost we had eaten all of our supply of kettle corn and after twenty minutes of being lost I had given up my will to live.  I don’t want to point fingers, but just don’t ever give a seven year old the only map to the corn maze because they will lose it and you won’t know they’ve lost it until you’re already lost in the corn maze and you ask for the map.  I was wondering how lame I would sound if I called my husband at work and asked him to come down and help us get out of the corn maze.  And, of course, I would have called the pumpkin patch directly but they are a pumpkin patch and have no phone.


We ended up finding our way out eventually, but I could tell I went down a few notches in my children’s eyes.  I knew what they were thinking — How can we trust this woman?  She can’t even find her way out of a corn maze.  They have a point, really.  It’s better they find out sooner, than later.  I also don’t know much about our government, reality television or any math whatsoever.  Full disclosure.

Regardless of that incident, we had a total blast and I plan on hitting at least two more pumpkin patches by the weekend.  I mean, how can you go wrong with a giant pit of corn kernels?


And the petting zoo was amazing.  I’ve been to a lot of petting zoos in my life — sad as it is, I could almost call myself a “petting zoo expert” — and this one beat them all.  All of the animals (goats, ducks, chickens and rabbits) were rescues and were all up for adoption.  Fortunately, they had all been adopted by the time we arrived on the scene or I’m afraid we would have had several ducks in our car for our ride home.  But here’s something I’ve never seen at a petting zoo before and I just about fainted from a cute attack when I saw them.  Are you sitting down?  I’m serious because you are about to let out a big, Awwwww….


Baby chicks sleeping on baby bunnies….  I repeat, baby chicks sleeping on baby bunnies…

I don’t know what else to say except all is right in the universe.  




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