The Best Bombshell outfit ever…

Bombshell – Day 14

I’ve been doing this fashion experiment for 319 days so far and yesterday’s outfit earned the most compliments out of any outfit I’ve worn this entire year….


Why am I being photographed in a bathroom?  I’ll explain that later.  First, I’d like to share all the compliments.  I’m also going to write them down in permanent marker, put them in a time capsule and bury them in our yard for future generations and mutant cockroaches to enjoy in the year 3000.


“You look hot.”  (from a mom at school)

“You look soooo hot.”  (from my children’s art teacher)

“You look really hot.”  (from a man that approached me at the grocery store.  This was the only compliment of the day that I didn’t really enjoy.  He then went on to say, “You know what’s the best part about your heels?  You get to be taller than guys like me.”  This confused me.  Why is that the best part about my heels, small man?  I would have asked him, but did not want to prolong the conversation.)

This was a banner day for me.  I don’t think I’ve gotten “three hots” in one day ever.  I’m actually not sure I’ve ever ever gotten “one hot” in a day, you know, from someone other than my husband.  But did the compliments stop there?  Oh no, they just got specific.


“I love your skirt.” (woman passing me on the street.)

“I love your skirt.”  (woman passing me on the street like ten seconds later.)

“I love, love, love your skirt.  Like so much I want to steal it.”  (from another woman passing me on the street.  My kids thought this was the funniest compliment of the day.)

“I love your shoes!” (from yet another kind stranger.)

Then, the icing on the cake compliment.  A woman walked past me while I was at the park and said, “You’re looking very Bombshell today.”  She then smiled and said she liked my blog.  You made my day!

Now, the reason I took a picture of my ever most complimented outfit in a public bathroom is simple — my head was so full of compliments that I almost forgot to take a picture at all.  My kids and I went to see a pirate show last night and as we were using the bathroom before the show I realized that I had not documented the outfit!  The bathroom picture isn’t that great, so I took another picture after the show to see if I could do any better  —


My day yesterday really proves to me the power of fashion.  My entire experience changed just by what I was wearing.  I was the same person, walking around the same town, and yet everything was different.  Amazing.  I mean, really, we’re just talking about clothes here.

Oh, I’m also going to put this picture in the time capsule —


Let the record show that my kids washed their hands at least once during childhood…


  • Ritzi says:

    I love love Love your…..

    Kids and you!!! You all look pretty fabulous! And I really like your blog as well.

  • katie says:

    I might have missed this, but what is your bombshell fragrance? With Christmas coming up, they are playing a chanel no 5 commercial with marilyn monroe. It made me think of it because all bombshells have a waft of fragrance that follows them around. Definitely not patchouli or tea tree oil.

  • Allie says:

    You should post the link to that skirt! =)

  • Von says:

    Ah well, I’ve been on ebay and I’ve gone for a bit of Penny styling from Big Bang Theory because it isn’t far off what I used to wear when I was at uni and I still like it. Once upon a time, long long ago I got the ‘Best dressed bird in hall’ award at uni, might as well go with what used to work ;-) I have a question for you though, how has your monthly change over to new clothes gone? Because I found your blog quite late in this experiment I’ve been reading back through some of the old posts and saw how the plan was to take your clothes to consignment but then it looked as though that wasn’t going to work out quite how you’d thought. Apart from the giveaways, what are you doing with the clothes?

  • Hassanah says:

    I am bummed I don’t not actually see you in the outfit as it is awesome. Love, love the skirt and shoes! Congrats on a job well done you Bombshell you! :)

  • Megan says:

    Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve heard someone say that to me- I’m trying to remember how it feels. Good on you! Go Go Go looking great.

  • jo says:

    Congrats on getting so many real life compliments! I think the red belt really makes the (otherwise neutral) outfit.

  • Angela says:

    I am so happy for you! You look great, and confident. Isn’t it amazing how it can feel?!
    I think the guy at the grocery likes taller women, so he can rest his head on their chest. ;) lol

  • bonnie says:


  • Von says:

    You look really happy in these snaps, no wonder bombshell women feel good if they get lots of compliments all day. You’ve got people following your blog right where you live, trend setter! A friend of mine has a skirt and shoes a bit like those and she always looks so put together, she gets stopped on the street and asked out on dates! I like those sort of shoes, are they called Mary Janes? I like a brand here in the UK called ‘Irregular choice’ but I don’t know what you’d actually call their style, maybe eclectic maybe just a bit nutty. Did you get a consensus on the skirt style name? Need more of them!

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