The perfect Bombshell accessory…

Bombshell – Day 23

My family and I are going away for Thanksgiving and as a Bombshell, I felt like the luggage I’ve been using for the last ten years just won’t do.   For one thing, it’s a giant yellow North Face duffel bag which instantly wrinkles all my clothes and that I usually wear as a big dorky backpack so that my hands are free to hold children’s hands in busy airports.  I can’t imagine throwing that thing on my back wearing a pencil skirt.  And for another thing, the goats peed on my North Face bag a few months ago and try as I might, I’ve never really been able to get the smell out.  And if you’re keeping score, this would be reason number 110 on the least of “reasons to avoid getting goats”.

So I went back to Skirt Chaser today and bought this —


New luggage!  When I look at this luggage, little heart bubbles pop above my head.  It’s from the 1950s.  It’s Samsonite.  And it was only 30.00.   Here’s the inside —


It’s pink with white polka dots.  I was so geeked out over this luggage that I looked up old Samsonite ads to see if I could find it — and well, I found my luggage and so much more!

Bombshell_Samsonite_FashionaireThis is actually my luggage!  And I TOTALLY dress like that when I’m traveling…


Okay, who wrote this ad?  I had to read it several times before I got it…  “Girls who rate second looks”?  It’s almost like Yoda — Rate second looks girls do...


This Samsonite ad is just crazy, plain and simple…  I’m sorry, but is that a bullfighting scene on your clothes?


And this is my favorite ad.  Why?  Because I just love anything with cut out people heads — you just can’t go wrong with cut out people heads… especially when the people heads are larger than airplanes and dueling Santas like in this ad.

So, good-bye peed on North Face duffel bag.  I hope someone buys you from the Goodwill where I dropped you off — preferably someone with a very bad sense of smell and a great desire to travel while wrinkled.

And hopefully, someone who just loves essence of goat.


  • Von says:

    That’s really nice, what a great find!

  • Vildy says:

    I had luggage like this back in the day and never had any problem with the latches.
    They’re the easiest thing in the world to pack. I hear this is called the stewardess method. You lay clothes out in four directions, with the bottoms in the case and the leftover part laying on the bed. Then you put smalls and folded items in the middle, making a cushion. Last, you start putting the tops of the garments into the case, layering one over the other as you move around the directions. No wrinkles.

  • Bo says:

    My fear is that it is from the 50’s and it’s going to pop open and your clothes will be flying around (hopefully it’s not a plane trip were baggage handlers will throw it around…)

    Happy Thanksgiving Holly!!! Love reading every day!

  • bonnie brady says:

    you are hilarious

  • Ginny in Texas says:

    So fabulous! My mother in law had this set, and last year, my daughter claimed that suitcase, and I have the huge makeup case. Wheels are a fabulous invention on suitcases.
    And goats are horrible. Horrible. I’m so glad to hear someone else admit this truth. But baby goats are probably the cutest creature ever.
    You’ll look bombshell traveling. But how did they fit real clothes in there? Also, target has a strap to wrap around the whole suitcase. Worried those two little latches may pop open, and it’s hard to look awesome if you’re stuffing your clothes into the suitcase anywhere.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      That’s a great suggestion about the strap. I was hoping that I could actually use it as carry on luggage. It’s pretty small!

  • agnes says:

    Lovely. I have little 1950’s beauty case I bought at an opportunity /charity shop about 15 years ago and I was about to re-thrift becasue i really hadn’t used it . Instead I gave it to my 8 year old daughter and she instantly ran inside grabbed a whole new outfit, including a chinese parasol and made a little story with her outfit. so cute. much more personality than modern luggage.

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