A Bombshell sees the barn…

Bombshell – Day 26

I’ve gotten to that funky place at the end of every month where I either love or hate with a fiery passion the style I’ve chosen, I’ve said all that I can possibly say about that style and now I just want the month to be over — I’m a well-dressed horse that has just spotted the barn.

Take today’s outfit for example —


Not bad, but I’ve lost a little zest since my three day pencil skirt euphoria.  Yes, capri pants with metallic silver three inch heels can be considered Bombshell, but the weird, blousy shirt is well, weird and blousy and once again I’ve done nothing with my make up or my hair.

I just hate messing with my hair.  I hate messing with my hair.  Oh, how I hate messing with my hair.  After a shower in the morning, I brush my hair ONCE and then I throw my hairbrush back in the drawer and say, “See ya tomorrow!”

I am planning on messing with my hair for Thanksgiving dinner because my vintage dress requires me to do so, but then my hair and I are going back to the cursory relationship we’ve always maintained.

I got several “I love your shoes” comments (one from a teenager so that counts double) and one “hot momma” comment from a friend, and I credit Bombshell for that.  Which is actually great news because it means that if you are seeking compliments, you don’t even have to go full Bombshell to get them.

And when you hang around kids all day who say things like, “Mommy, you have really big underwear.”

…A compliment can be a really nice thing.


  • Von says:

    Wowee Holly, go and have a look at some of those vintage adverts for housewives: https://www.pinterest.com/covetyoursins/vintage-drug-ads/

  • Von says:

    I’d be with you on this one, that’s why I just admire the Bombshell look rather than try to be one. I just couldn’t keep up bombshell. Maybe Becky is right, maybe it is because the wives and mums were really young in the 50s and in the dating phase with their husbands. If we’re talking 18yo brides then teenagers love doing their hair and make-up and looking nice for their boyfriends. I honestly haven’t got the energy for that look. Maybe bombshellers had mother’s helps and more people seeing them or maybe lots of them were running on cigarettes and over-the-counter amphetamine pep pills. Someone I know said she was prescribed something for weight loss back then and that the house was absolutely spotless afterwards! That must be how they fitted into those teeny tiny waisted dresses. Yes, I think that’s what they were doing their hair and make-up on, pep pills. How else would they have bombshelled all the time?

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