It’s a Bombshell Thanksgiving…

Bombshell – Day 28


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

We’re having a blast in gold country!  We’re staying in a haunted hotel!  Panning for gold (as any good Bombshell would do)!  Exploring caverns!  Riding steam trains!  And most importantly — really, really, really dressing up for Thanksgiving dinner!!!


This dress doesn’t look tight in the picture, but trust me, it is.  I actually couldn’t put my hand on my hip to pose — I tried to, but had to stop because I was afraid I was going to rip the dress.  Hence, the noodle arms.  Here’s the back —


I love the back.  I love the whole dress.  I even did a bun!  It’s a rather limp, sad bun, but hey, it’s a bun.  I haven’t dressed up this much for Thanksgiving in… actually ever.

It felt good.  It felt right.  It felt Bombshell.

And it felt even better to take the dress off after eating four thousand pounds of pie…


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