And the Bombshell winner is…

Bombshell – Day 5

Congrats!  Bonnie B!  You are the winner of this fabulous Eco Mama purse!


And thanks to all of you for your inner Bombshell beauty suggestions.  The majority of you said that you worked your inner Bombshell simply by wearing lipstick and heels.  That’s very inspiring to me because I can definitely do lipstick and heels.  I mean, we all could if we wanted to, right?  Lipstick is so easy and heels, well, they’re not as uncomfortable as you think.  I’ve worn more heels this year than I have in my entire life and it’s the strangest thing — you get used to them so much that you don’t even notice you’re wearing them.

And forget the whole sexy thing about heels.  I mean, who cares, really?  (Oh, wait.  I’m supposed to care about sexy.  I’m a Bombshell.)  The really cool part about heels is they make you SUPER tall.  It’s fun to watch people crane their necks to talk to you and it’s very empowering to be gazing out over a sea of heads, trust me.  And you know the best thing about heels?  Men are not allowed to wear heels.  Seriously, how many men would just love to be taller?  But they can’t because if they wore heels they would be considered “a total freak.”

But women can change their height anytime they want to… Think about it.  Women have complete height freedom and men don’t.  So in your face guys on that one!  Actually, not in your face because right now I’m wearing such high heels your face is like somewhere around my knees!

I will leave you with this inspirational Bombshell message from Sophia Loren —

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”


So right, Sophia.  And if for some reason you’re not feeling beautiful at any particular moment, just add lipstick and heels.





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