An Angry American Classic…

A Year in Review – Day 18

In May of this year, I chose American Classic as my style.  I really thought it was going to be easy and that I was basically throwing myself a fashion softball.  Oh, how completely wrong I was!  Why did I hate American Classic so much?  After all, hello? White American here.  Shouldn’t American Classic be my “go to” style?  Just throw on an oxford, grab my tartan picnic blanket and strap a canoe to my Volvo and off I go happily eating egg salad all the way to mummy and daddy’s lake house?


See, I can’t even write about American Classic without sounding sarcastic.

And I know lots of people look soooo chic and great in American Classic.  Style icons like Katherine Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.  These women take simplicity to a whole new level and can make a trench coat look like the most stylish, feminine thing on the planet.  I also have friends on the East Coast who totally rock American Classic.  They always look so put together and capable.


Still, I couldn’t get past the feeling that I looked as if I followed the rules.  With style, you tell the world your story and I don’t want anyone to think that I follow the rules.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking over liquor stores in my free time, but I just firmly believe in always questioning authority — I have an anarchist side that just doesn’t jive with American Classic.  It’s something that I tell my children at a very early age — always question authority.  Don’t just do something because someone tells you to do it.  What’s if it’s wrong?  What if you disagree with it?  What if it goes against your moral code?  That goes with peers, your job, the government.  Be your own person.


I even got my youngest son a shirt that says, “Question Authority”.  Once, when we were at the grocery store, the checker saw August wearing it and was horrified.  He said, “Question Authority?  Why would you let your kid wear that?  Mom is the authority.  You want him to question you?”

Yes, of course, I told him.  I want him to question me.  What am I?  The Wizard of Oz?  Do I know everything?  If I’m doing something my children disagree with I want to hear about it.

… and that’s why I couldn’t deal with American Classic.  I felt like “Mom Authority”.  I felt like I followed the rules.  I felt like someone who would yell at a jay-walker, not be the jay-walker.  (See, those are the kind of rules I break — cross walk rules — I am so dangerous.)


So even though the clothes looked pretty decent on me — I mean, they kind of fit my body type — It didn’t really matter.  This was a great lesson because something can look great on you, but if you don’t feel great in it, why are you wearing it?

Clothes should make you feel good.  Clothes should help remind you of who you are.

One good thing did happen during my American Classic month though — American Classics love tennis and I thought of a great way of incorporating tennis balls into my own life….


On our goat’s horns…


I’m not sure jumping on a trampoline with a goat is ever a safe thing to do, but an American Classic is always prepared for anything…









  • Angela says:

    Ah, Holly! You and I would be friends in the real world. :) Thank you for articulating your dislike of this look. During the month that you wore it, I found it sort of weird that you had such a hard time with it. Now I totally feel ya.
    I actually like to wear American classic, and it’s little sister, Gamine. I like when it makes people think that I have it all pulled together. LOL. My kids know better. ;)

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      I do love American Classic but just on other people. That’s why I was so surprised that I didn’t like American Classic.

  • jo says:

    I think you look great in those photos but I get what you mean.
    I also feel uncomfortable in a too stiff and “classic” style. It must match with who you are!

    Ps. The photos of tennis balls on goathorns was a welcome reprise

  • V says:

    Ah well, Katherine Hepburn’s brief hold over my fashion choices was just that. Turns out her American classic palazzo trousers, shirt blouses and her penchant for moccasins just makes me look like I’m wearing my gardening clothes. All in a big pile for the charity shop as part of the pre-Christmas clear out. Can’t quite get rid of the trousers until I get replacements though which is a bit tragic. You do look the part in it but I get it, not you. Today I am wearing a truly awful ensemble which has been chosen because it is clean and because I can climb up into the attic lots of times without getting caught in my clothes and falling to my death. I have my trainers on with the stupid palazzo (pregnifying style) trousers along with thermal vest which has sleeves that are longer than the sweater. Just have to hope nobody comes to the door before I get the laundry done. I have also committed a personal styling error that I should know better than, went to bed with slightly damp hair. Monster frizzy bed head AND a pillow matt had to be brushed out this morning. Will the postman arrive later, guaranteed! Will I get unexpected callers, most certainly. There has to be some sort of style to visibility in public rule that states if you’re looking good NOBODY will see you except the children and if you’re not EVERYONE and their dog will see you. I’m in a ruthless mood, clothes and all the toys the children definitely don’t need are heading to the charity shop. How many times have I picked up all the building blocks and soft toys this year? You know, I don’t think fashionable people have to clean up the mess I had to clean up this morning, I don’t think Santa would be coming if he knew how naughty they’d been. Didn’t you mention the black bag method of toy control earlier in your blog? I’m with you and away go the nasty ELC musical toys I lovingly bought at car boot sales; the oh do charming vintage style wooden toys they never play with and maybe also some of the book mountain. It’s probably not entirely charitable to blight someone else’s home with that noise making stuff and those million pick up toys but considering it IS Christmas and passive-aggressive present giving to the nieces and nephews would be a bit cruel it may be better to let people decide what to invite into their home themselves. Thing is though, I already know they have two lovingly home made teddies from relatives and there are only so many soft toys a house can take before it’s just one big pile of plush, gracious and grateful on the outside but plotting eventual black bagging on the inside. Surely it isn’t ungrateful if I know they’re lucky to have nice toys but also know they don’t really need more of the same? That’s the mental mummy dilemma of the day.

    • Angela says:

      Isn’t always the truth that the neighbor comes over, or the delivery man when you are still in your pajamas, no bra, hair askew, and you haven’t brushed your teeth yet. Maybe that’s only me. HA!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Ha! I have been using the black bag method all week in preparation for Christmas! My house feels almost organized! It’s great!

  • bonnie brady says:

    well you look amazing in this style !!

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