It’s another holiday fashion challenge!

A Year in Review – Day 8

Today’s Prize?  It’s another Bombshell dress!  Here it is on me…


And here it is on some people that it looks much better on…

banana-republic-fit-and-flare-dressesI bought it at Banana Republic.  It’s called the Ponte Fit and Flare dress (whatever that means).  It’s a great holiday dress and I love the fact that it has pockets….  It’s a size 6, but don’t let that scare you.  Banana Republic sizes run large.  In Banana Republic pants I’m a size 4, but at Old Navy the other day I bought a pair of pants that were size 12.  I mean, really.  Hello?  Large Corporations?  Could you have a conversation with each other about sizing please?  Must you continue to mess with our heads like this?

Today’s Question?

I’m going to continue my blog next year, but I need a new name for it, as “My Year of Fabulous” no longer applies.  And in addition to talking about my ongoing fashion quest, I’m also going to talk more about our farm, mom issues, kid stuff, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

And I can’t think of a name!  What’s a good name that would encompass all those things?  Or maybe I should stick with a name that is still just a fashion name…  I’m not great at coming up with catchy names so any suggestions that you might have would be great!!  I keep coming up with names like, “The Fabulous Farmer” which is misleading because it makes it sound like there will be pictures of me draped over a tractor.

Even if you have just an opinion and not a definite name, that would be really helpful.  I don’t need you to stay up all night with a scratch sheet of paper coming up with puns.  Although I’d love it if you did…  And if you don’t want the dress, but just want to suggest a name, that works too (just let me know in your comment).

You have until tomorrow night.  Thanks so much!







  • Lauren says:

    My Year(s) of Fabulous works for me! It’s caught on now, and I think the back story of your blog still makes the title relevant.

  • stephanee says:

    I agree, keep the name, keep the blog! If you just want/need to change it, you could go with My Year of Hilarious.

    ps. We NEVER saw another post or photo of you in this fab red dress. Did you ever get up the courage to leave the farm wearing it?

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      You know, I never wore this dress! Can you believe it? The weather was cold and I didn’t know what stockings to wear with it and what shoes and jacket… it was all too problematic. I know I’m making excuses but I also don’t think the dress looked that good on me. The shape didn’t suit me.

  • Dana says:

    I’m in agreement with keeping the title. I love the title and your photo at the top. I think it works and you don’t risk losing any folks in a name/webpage transition. We don’t want to miss any of the hilarious content! :-)

  • Hassanah says:

    Here are a few I just jotted down:

    My Year of Fabulous Anecdotes
    My Year of Fabulous Observations
    Holly’s Hood
    Would you believe????
    Witticisms, Criticisms and Everything in Between
    Raising Kids, Animals and Self-awareness
    Hold on Holly’s Bloggin
    A Day in the Life of Holly

    (I am still wanting a blog of How Hogan See’s It!) – roflmao

    Also, the dress would be fab for my lil sis if I happen to win. ;)

  • Katie z says:

    I’m echoing several other commenters, keep the bones! Maybe add and “s”… “My Years of Fabulous”?? Or “Another Year of Fabulous”?!

    The dress is super cute, love the pockets! This is the first giveaway where I think the item would fit me!

  • Caren says:

    My first thought was, why can’t the name stay the same? You will still be fabulous! And I see I am in good company. So stay fab! I have enjoyed this year with you!

  • Tiffany says:

    Now that I’m fabulous….

  • KO says:

    I stumble on new and fabulous blogs (like yours) through referrals from other blogs. I don’t think that a name that exactly describes the content of your blog matters. I think “My Year of Fabulous” is a great story. Keep the name and when you reorganize the blog to make it work for your new content, add a tab to explain how it got its name.

    ps — I love that dress! I hope you add me to the drawing.

  • Jess says:

    my NEXTyearoffabulous
    Or, going more with the goat and kid theme… Fabulous Holly and the Crazy Kids: My life of fashion, goat herding and kid herding (see, you have two kinds of kids?)

    Love your blog and that dress!!!

  • Kristie says:

    Every year can be fabulous it can just be a different kind of fabulous…stick with the name. :) LOVE the dress…

  • Jen says:

    “Dr. Fabulous or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Goats”

  • Jessica says:

    Well. I read all the comments and now I’ve looked at the word Fabulous too many times and it looks wrong.
    I think you should keep the name the same too and just add an “s” to Year on your header. :) But our blog has been named The J Project 2010 since…well…2010 and none of us felt the need to change it so I wouldn’t take blog name advice from me.

  • Ritzi says:

    My F’n (Family, Fashion, Farm) Fabulous Life!!!

    I also don’t want to go for the dress (being my size has a 1 in front of the 6 hahaha
    I absolutely enjoy reading your blog Holly! :)

  • laurmkk says:

    “Another Year of Fabulous”. “just my fabulous life”. “My Year of ‘Just’ Favulous”.

    I like the current name and it is pretty younger in cheek. Sounds like the direction you wish to keep. Glad you are continuing!


  • Marcie says:

    My Fabulous Farm
    (have to pass on the dress, not my size)

  • suzanne hue says:

    Ok I know this is bad……..Holly Day
    but I think my daughter would look cute in the dress

  • Kathleen says:

    I’d stick with “My Year of Fabulous,” honestly. Every year can be your fabulous year, whether you are focusing on fashion or chasing roosters away from dead hens (laughed for ten minutes over that one). Oh, don’t enter me in the contest, please. Love the dress but I know that isn’t my size at BR.

  • Virginia says:

    I vote for My Years of Fabulous. To sum up everyone else: (a) it’s your brand, (b) it’s true-you have a fabulous life, and (c) it implies a happy attitude toward the future, and who doesn’t want to read a blog about that!

    BTW, I’ll pass on the dress. I like the ponte (a thick knit that wears very well), and the fit (the top part of the dress), but the flare looks like it would flare at a point on my body that’s flaring on its own and needs no help.

  • Christine says:

    Keep myyearoffabulous, it’s your brand. On the main header, just add a {s} to the title. No need to change your brand, it doesn’t have 2013 in it or anything. Just some thought from a marketing gal.

  • Elizabeth perkins says:

    Fashionista Farmer!

  • Juniper says:

    How about “A Day in the {Fabulous} Life Of” and then feature your topic or guest blogger or anecdote of the day? I do love your current title, though!

    Oh, pick me (I hope) for the dress giveaway
    – this shlumpie momma needs a little fabulous in my life! :)

  • Amiable says:

    I’m thinking of keeping the “fabulous” in the name too – like “Fabulous Life”, “Life in Fabulous” – or, I like the “Frankly Fabulous” already mentioned quite a lot…

  • marge says:

    What about “My life of fabulousness”? A sort of tongue-in-cheek regarding life on a farm.

  • thebooglett says:

    My Years of Fabulous.
    This last was the first of many many years.
    All your adventures, your kids, your goats, your pig……ALL fabulous….I say continue your originality….just make it plural. Good luck chika!

  • bonnie brady says:

    agree that you look good in everything!!
    how about Fab 5
    American Horror story – the farm
    how to survive a fabulous year
    fabulous and funny

  • Ginny in Texas says:

    My fabulous green acres.

    Though I don’t dislike fabulous farmer, throwing in a nod to Ms. Gabor never hurts.
    And I think the dress may look better on you than the models.

  • Lesia says:

    Fab Wear Real Life

    Entering the contest to win the dress for my friend, who can wear a size 6.

  • STG says:

    Well, of course, there’s always “Doting on Goats.” ;) Since you asked for opinions, I think you should create a separate blog and link it to Year of Fabulous. And the return to YoF for a new month long challenge every quarter or so, because this blog is too fun to end! As for your new blog, how about “Frankly Fabulous,” because you tell it like it is, which is fabulous.

  • maryeliz88 says:

    Fabulous Adventures
    Fabulous Days
    Fabulous Daze
    Five Hundred Days of Fabulous (+ many more)
    Another 50 Years of Fabulous
    The Good, the Bad, and the Fabulous (okay, that one may be taken by another blogger)
    Fab More
    Fab Moon Rising
    Fabba Dabba Doo
    Dear Fabby
    Orange is the New Fab

    :) It’s late… Glad you’ll be blogging in the new year.

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