A Bohemian blooms in April…

A Year in Review – Day 14

In April, I took on Bohemian style and I just loved it.  I also learned a very valuable lesson when it comes to fashion budgets — location can quite often determine costs.   When you shop mostly at consignment stores like I do, you’re just basically looking through the cast-off clothing of what everyone wears around you.  So like, since I don’t live in 1960s London, I found it very difficult to find Mod clothes at my local consignment stores… so I had to shop online or at vintage stores… and my clothing costs went way up.

So that’s why searching for Bohemian clothes in Northern California where I live is was so amazingly easy and inexpensive.  Bohemians are everywhere and they quite often need to sell their clothes at consignment stores to buy things such as music festival tickets, massage oil and crystal rock deodorants that doesn’t work.  My son once read an animal fact book that said there are so many spiders in the world that human beings are always within 3 feet of a spider.  I feel the same way about Bohemian clothes in Northern California  — they’re always within 3 feet of me.

Here are some of my favorite Bohemian outfits —


Okay, the furry sweater is really big and crazy, but I just think the whole outfit works.  And it  was comfortable and I could run around the park and have fun in it without worrying about getting it dirty.  To me, these are interesting mom clothes…

Bohemian_fashion van

Bohemian skirts are great — they’re huge and roomy and feminine and cozy.  Wear them with a fitted top and you’re good to go.


Tribal shirt, Earth-toned pants and gladiator sandals.  And Buddha, of course, the ultimate Bohemian accessory…


Wait a second — a crocheted vest, big, purple skirt, ukelele and giant wedge sandals?  This outfit is so cute it doesn’t even matter that I don’t play the ukelele.

I’m afraid it wasn’t all sunshine and micro greens for this Bohemian wannabe in April.  I had my fair share of horrific misfires with this look too.  Misfires that I will show you tomorrow… and give you a sneak peek of today…


Let’s just say it’s a mistake to try and jazz up a boring Bohemian outfit by adding bees…


  • V says:

    I hadn’t found your blog when you were doing Bohemian. I’ve not even got a mental grasp of Bohemian style, who was your inspiration for the look? I just have a vague recollection that the artists in France had a Bohemian lifestyle, that’s all I’ve got. After that it’s just muddled in with hippies and flower power.

  • Lyn says:

    I loved ALL your boho outfits that month!! You looked so comfy & stylish & happy & well….boho…,this was my favorite month for you!! I really wished there were more boho cast-offs here in Kansas….

  • Dell says:

    Love your bohemian look. I will look through the Chinese chest and see if I still have a skirt or two that you might like. Vests, too.

  • bonnie brady says:

    you realy just look good in everything

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