Confessions of a Bombshell…

Bombshell – Day 30

I cannot actually believe that my Bombshell month is already over.  Since the start of “My Year of Fabulous”, I have dreaded the possibility of having a Bombshell month and now look at me — on the other side of this dreaded look already.


And you know what?  It wasn’t dreaded at all!

Bombshell was was fun.  Really fun.  And so liberating!  When you make yourself wear really dressy clothes when no one else around you is dressy, something inside of you changes.  First, you realize that you’ve actually been trying to fit in with the people around even if you were doing it subconsciously.  Then you realize that it’s kind of silly to try and fit in with the people around you.  I mean, they’re them and you’re you — and that’s a good thing.  Let them be them and you be you.  Life is more interesting that way.


It’s just like Dr. Seuss says —

I am I!  And I may not know why but I know that I like it!  Three cheers!  I am I!

Is Bombshell my permanent style?  Of course not.  But I learned that Bombshell is great for special occasions.  I never have to fear/wonder what to wear to another wedding again.  I can dress up for Christmas, Easter, even Ground Hog Day.  They is no occasion Bombshell can’t make more festive.


I mean, why go to the mall and get some “just okay” dress when can go to a vintage store and buy some spectacular?  Something that’s so well made?  Something that’s timeless…

Out of all my styles this year, I consider my Bombshell clothes to be my super hero clothes.


They’re in my closet, just waiting for me to put them on, so that we can go do something special…


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