The dark side of Rock and Roll…

A Year in Review — Day 3

Yesterday, I posted some pictures of me in Rock and Roll outfits that I felt worked.  By “worked” I mean that you could tell I was going for Rock and Roll style.  I don’t mean “worked” like I somehow managed to successfully transform into Blondie in the seventies or that I looked like some super-hot-edgy-kind-of-dangerous-mosh-pit-mom.  I just mean that when you looked at me wearing my “working” Rock and Roll outfits, you didn’t say, “Huh?  What look is that sad woman going for?”

The Rock and Roll outfits I’m going to show you today fall into the category of, “What look is that sad woman going for?”  I wish I could say it was hard finding pictures to go in today’s “Worst of Rock and Roll” post, but really, the only thing difficult was choosing how many of these misfires to select.

I’ll start with this one —


Is there anything Rock and Roll about this outfit?  Oh, wait!  There’s a rock in our yard!  That’s it!  I must have been hit in the head with it and thought this looked like a Rock and Roll outfit.


Here I am picking up our farm basket in forty degree weather wearing what looks to be a child’s pink nightgown or something Mickey Rourke would wear in a bad wrestling movie… And yes, those boots are white and studded.  I burned them shortly after this picture was taken — partly to stay warm, but mostly because they’re hideously ugly.


Here I am taking our cat and chicken to the vet… I don’t know what I could have worn to make this doctor’s visit look Rock and Roll, but this outfit definitely wasn’t it.


I tried to go Rock and Roll on this day, but just ended up looking like a pirate.


… And for my last picture, here I am surfing.  What says Rock and Roll more than a boogie board, pleather pants and high heels?  This was a day at a cold beach in January wearing Rock and Roll clothes.  I still have no idea how to accomplish that feat.

By the end of January, I had pretty much decided that Rock and Roll style wasn’t for me, but I had learned some very valuable lessons along the way —

Rock and Roll clothes can be found cheaply and anywhere.  This is really good news for anyone that wants to try out Rock and Roll style because you need to look no further than your local Goodwill for all your studded leather needs.  You can purchase an entire weeks worth of clothes for about twenty-five dollars.

Rock and Roll clothes are hardy and surprisingly comfortable.  No mincing required in  motorcycle boots!  Unlike Euro Chic and Mod, Rock and Roll is not a painful shoe style.

Rock and Roll is all about the jeans.  We love our jeans, don’t we?  I know I do.  But before “My Year of Fabulous”, my jeans were soooo boring.  And really shapeless.  One of my favorite pairs of jeans was a pair I bought in the “cowgirl” section of our feed store.  Need I say more?  Rock and Roll taught me that you can still wear jeans, but you can buy jeans that are far from boring.  Black skinny jeans that you can slip into a pair of high heeled boots and bingo!  You have an outfit.

But mostly, Rock and Roll style taught me that trying out different looks can actually be fun and not completely terrifying like I had imagined.  I mean, it’s just clothes.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You put on something stupid and you look like a dork for a while.  So what?  I’ve looked like a dork many, many times this year and I can almost guarantee that in 2014 as I continue my style quest, I will dork around many more times.

Don’t fear fashion experimentation.  Fear the cowgirl section of the feed store.


  • Cheryl says:

    Look, I know that you weren’t a fan of rock and roll but your body is looks amazing in all of the looks. You say “too tight” and I say just right. You have all of old age to schlump around in clothes that you can stick two fingers in. If there is a take away lesson from this month it’s that you look great in clothes that fit you and cinch you in. You are lucky to be size, what is it? Six? Four? I mean Jesus, that’s after three kids. Strut your stuff.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Thanks so much! Maybe you’re right about the tight stuff, although I’m just more of a baggy clothes kind of person!

  • Lisa says:

    I love that you are reviewing the year! I only found your blog around August or something so I missed a lot and now I get to catch up…also, I am totally going to start dressing more rock and roll when my sons insist on going to the parks in the sketchier parts of town! Thanks for the idea :)

  • Jenn says:

    OK, so the first 2 weren’t really rock and roll but I think you look good in the final 3! And I probably shouldn’t admit this since it could completely negate any opinion I’ve ever had here, good or bad, but I might(?) like those white studded boots (insert shamefaced emoji here)

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Thanks! You know, the studded boots weren’t that bad. Although I remember them being uncomfortable. I also remember being in a consignment shop and this total hipster girl said, I love you boots! Which made me feel great. So you must have a cool eye for fashion! I just couldn’t get over the whiteness of them.

  • Vildy says:

    I’m with Sian. Those last 3 outfits look much more rock ‘n’ roll to me than anything from yesterday. Who but a rock ‘n’ roller would have landed at the beach in her high heeled booties? And of course some would be so stoned already in the morning that getting on the board would seem like a good idea.
    It all looks good on you, too.

  • Sian says:

    I actually think all those were rock n roll except the first one (though you did look good) and maybe the one where you are holding the chooks, its a bit half and half that one.
    And pirate – yes the way you wore it is rock n roll. Think Kate Moss.

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