When Euro Chic goes horribly wrong…

A Year in Review – Day 7

I wouldn’t have thought the Euro Chic look could go terribly awry, but once again, I proved that I can take any style and make it look stupid. The following are some of my best Euro Chic misfires —


I call this look, “The Androgenous Banking Associate.”


This outfit taught me how hideous brown and black can look together, especially when there are two different browns and two different blacks all worn at the same time.  Even my cat is trying to get away from this outfit.


Oh, my cape!  When I saw this cape at Banana Republic I thought, “Euro Chic?  My name is Holly.  Nice to meet you.”


But everyone hated this cape.  My children (and so many other people) found this cape to be so ridiculous, but now that I look at it, I don’t think it’s really that bad at all.  In fact, I think it does look kind of chic!

This jacket, however, is probably one of my lowest style moments this year —


I swear, it’s not a children’s jacket.


I don’t know what it is and I don’t know why I bought it, but I can safely say it is not Euro Chic and it’s definitely not in my closet anymore.

Unfortunately, no one treated me as a “better than” when I wore these confusing/bizarre outfits around town, so I did learn that in order to get that ultra Euro Chic care, you do have to get the look right.

I also learned that no consignment store on Earth will buy your tiny ugly jacket from you no   matter how hard you beg.  It’s best just to put the wretched thing in a black Hefty bag on the steps of Goodwill and run for your life…



  • Hassanah says:

    I missed actually seeing the cape in oerson, but I love it in the photos here. Give it a second chance!

  • Marsha Calhoun says:

    I dithered and dithered about what to wear during my first-ever trip to Europe (no jeans – at least I knew that much). So I settled on the androgynous banking associate, only with black pants, and was reasonably contented with its ease and practicality until, when I was back home wearing the same thing, a man stopped me in the grocery store and asked where the mayonnaise might be found . . . I had spent my holiday looking like a clerk in a supermarket, minus the little necktie . . .

    Also, I am perpetually unhappy with the fact that, yes, black and white both come in several different shades – there ought to be one color that is simply itself and nothing else. Life is so unfair.

  • Lyn says:

    Seriously living that cape Holly!

  • Jenn says:

    I admit it. I LOL’d at the odd little jacket capelet whatever that was. I’m not judging because I’ve probably worn worse, but it is funny. You *might* have been able to get away with it with “arty slick” though.

  • Jen says:

    I adore the Banana Republic cape. I’m hoping you use it for a future giveaway so I gave a chance to win it!

  • Sarah AJ says:

    I like the cape too!

  • Bo says:

    Funny! you looked good in everything by the way..except for that short sweater jacket thing. The chicken coop outfit would have been ok if you just wore black shoes? All in all I say you are awesome!

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