And finally, Bombshell…

A Year in Review – Day 30

OMG!  Is it really day 30 already?  Is this year almost over?  Will I wake up in two days without having to take a picture of myself and write about it?  YES.  Since my whole family has been sick for weeks (including me), I really feel like I’ve been crawling to my fabulous finish line.  Thanks for sticking with me through these last few posts.  On days that I’ve had a fever, I’m not really sure what I wrote and I’m too afraid to look back at them now.


Today, though, I get to discuss Bombshell — a style that I dreaded all year.  I just felt like it was sooooo not me.


I don’t really like styles that I consider “dressing for men” and Bombshell would top that list for me.  Bombshells are also usually voluptuous women and I felt like wearing Bombshell for a whole month would just be a embarrassing study in contrasts.


But I was (once again) so wrong!!!!  I had so much fun wearing Bombshell.  I thought the style was really flattering and it was so much fun to wear vintage clothing.


The tags say things like, “Made in Philadelphia”  and “Designs by Phyllis” and after you zip yourself into one of these antique wonders, you suddenly feel so glamorous.  You even need help getting into some of the dresses and this was a totally new experience for me.  Finding my husband in the house to say, “Could you zip me up?” was a pure time machine adventure… and really fun.  Getting Mommy dressed became a group experience and it was nice to be the center of attention for once.


… Which is essence of Bombshell, right?  Look at me world!  Here I come.  Let’s all take a moment to drink in my fabulousness and then somebody please pass me a highball!


You’ve gotta try.  If you’re afraid of Bombshell, you’ve gotta try it even more.  You will find out, just like I did, that —

— Bombshells really do have more fun.


Comments? Fire away.