What is Gamine, anyway?

A Year in Review – Day 26

Out of all my looks this year, Gamine style was the most baffling for people.  They had never heard of it.  And before my style quest, I had never heard of it either.  That’s probably because I’m in America and Gamine is a European look.  The word Gamine is equally confusing.  It’s a French word that means, “Urchin, waif, or playful, naughty child.” Okay, so that’s Pippi Longstockings to me and I think getting in and out of my mini van would be too hard with hair like that. (Although I’ve always wanted a monkey.)


But that’s not really what Gamine style is either.  It’s basically American Classic with a French twist.  It’s an adorable, tiny woman wearing a mix of girlish and boyish clothes and making them all work fabulously together.  It’s pedaling to the market in little capri pants and a sweater tied around your neck.  It’s Audrey Hepburn.


But it’s not really me.  I don’t consider myself tiny or adorable and I think if you polled a hundred people that know me and asked them to describe me, those two adjectives would not come up.  Still, I gave Gamine a go all the month of August and I had some success with it, and of course, a little bit of failure.  Here’s a random sampling of my version of Gamine style —


An all-white outfit.  Kind of Gamine and completely insane for my life.


A picnic for one, Gamine-style…  And, as organized as always, I didn’t bring any food.


I think this is Gamine, except for the glasses.  I’m forever forgetting to take off my sunglasses for pictures.  I like this outfit and I’m sad one of our goats tore a hole in the shirt… and I don’t know where that skirt is… and the shoes are cute, but incredibly painful… other than that, I would totally wear this outfit again.


I think I swerved into American Classic in this outfit.   I also think the jeans dress/shirt is incredibly shapeless and unflattering.  I got it at Target and the tiny belt that came with it makes it look like I got it at, well, Target.


For some reason, I remember hating this outfit the most.  It doesn’t look that bad in the picture, but I just felt sooooooo frumpy.  And the sweater was a cheap rayon or some other godforsaken material and it felt awful…  I had a friend that used to work at Taco Bell and this sweater felt like one of her uniforms.

Which proves, once again, it doesn’t matter what something looks like, because if it doesn’t feel right, what’s the point?  Unless, of course, you feel your best in a Snuggie —


… After a while, that might be hard to justify.

Only five more days until my style quest is over!!!!  Up next tomorrow, Arty Slick…


  • V says:

    Here’s what I was doing when I just left the housework to hubby today ;-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEBETSr4CW4 I got out my hair powder and faffed about with make-up.

  • V says:

    Merry Christmas Holly! Go on, tell me that photo of the slanket is actually from a Christmas present this year, what do people give to a fashion logger? Gamine, so tricky. Makes me think of the actress from Harry Pottery when she had her hair short, Emma Watson, definitely Audrey Hepburn and Michelle Williams. Not one that appeals to me but you did well with it. Today, for your delight, I am going to report on the wardrobe selection: I have on pink and red heart tights from Pamela Mann; a black and pink heart top from (um, ebay); purple ‘slipper’ style shoes (not wearing slippers, they ARE shoes) a la Penny from ‘Big Bang Theory’ and black and pink heart jumper also Penny inspired along with a wrap purple velvet skirt. I’ve gone for rock chick hair with a bit of hair rosin powder to make it big and I’ve got on a whole lot of make-up as I’m in a secret competition with my sister and she doesn’t even know she’s in it so I win. I’m some ticket, haha, but I am feeling quite myself in this outfit and true to me isn’t ever going to pass for absolutely normal. I missed out on the sparkly dress I wanted to get in the sale because hubby didn’t know it would sell out in the split second he pulled me away from the computer to have lunch, Amy Childs sequin dress :-( Humph. Are you seeing that barn door on the blogging for the year? You’re doing well to keep it up over Christmas.

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