Some Sporty Chic I’d like to forget…

A Year in Review – Day 21


Thankfully, I didn’t have any horrible fashion train wrecks with Sporty Chic — except for the one above, of course.  A fashion train wreck with Sporty Chic would probably involve a lot of muffin topping, bras sticking out and the dreaded cellulite showing through work out pants.  Now that I’m thinking about it, that probably did happen to me, but at least I don’t think it happened all at once.

Here are some of my Sporty Chic outfits that missed the mark —


Ha!  What is this?  I was trying to go for “Sporty Chic goes adventuring”, like I was about to head off to Africa, old fashioned map in hand… You know, the more I try to explain what I was thinking the crazier I sound so I’m going to stop.


This outfit isn’t bad, but it’s certainly not Sporty Chic.  I was traveling by myself with my kids in Florida, so I’m actually amazed I’m not wearing pajamas.


At Universal Studios in Florida wearing a dress.  This is big for me — wearing a dress to an amusement park, but still, not Sporty Chic.


Here’s a picture August took of me.  Even sideways you can tell this isn’t Sporty Chic.

That’s it — those are the “worst of” pictures and they’re not really that bad.  I’d like to give a recommendation about Sporty Chic — If you are not currently happy with your body, you need to wear Sporty Chic.  I know that sounds strange and most people think, “First I need to get in shape, then I can wear the clothes in shape people wear.”  But Sporty Chic will give you the inspiration you need to go exercise.  I swear.  Pinky promise.  Let the clothes lead you to the paddle board.

Plus, Sporty Chic style can be found anywhere.  It’s super comfortable and really fun.


Take advantage of the fact that work out clothes have come a long way.


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