Some Mod-erately Mod problems…

A Year in Review – Day 11

Today, I thought I’d show you the many ways in which I embarrassed myself wearing Mod clothes.  Some of the outfits are just strange, some of the outfits are just bland and the rest of the outfits are just “I’m headed to a costume party.”

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here is Mod gone wrong —


I know I posted this picture the other day, but since this is the “worst of” Mod post, I just had to put it in again.  To me, this dress is even older than Mod — it’s like a dress someone would wear in a silent movie.  I could be tied to some train tracks in a dress like this.


Black boots, white tights, a blue skirt, a turquoise necklace and a lavender blouse?  I just don’t know what to say about this one… except I’m sorry.


Here’s an outfit that’s in Mod-no-man’s-land.  A shirt with a huge bow on it and yellow pants.  Maybe I could get a job as ‘Games Director” on a cruise ship — I think a whistle and some hula hoops would actually improve this outfit.


The sad part is, I remember thinking I had it going on in this outfit and was curious as to why no one during the day complimented me on my fabulous ensemble.  Maybe because I was wearing SAILOR PANTS AND REALLY POINTY WHITE BALLET FLATS.


Here is some “Mrs. Roper” jewelry I bought for my Mod month.  I particularly didn’t like the big, chunky Mod jewelry.


Here is a bizarre, almost 1970s outfit.  Clearly, I’m on the verge of a Mod breakdown.


And finally, here I am looking like I’m off to a costume party.  But there was no party to go to.  The only thing I did have to do in this outfit was check on our neighbor’s dog…


… which meant climbing the fence and revealing the fact that bright green tights do not make your thighs look smaller.

I could show you more Mod gone wrong outfits, but really, I think these outfits kind of say it all.  If there was a way to modernize Mod, I couldn’t figure it out.  If there was a way to were white tights on our farm without getting them dirty, well, someone’s going to have to share that miracle with me.

I’m really glad I did it though.  Wearing clothes that are so outside your comfort zone is good for the soul.  It automatically removes so many fashion fears and leaves you with a feeling of freedom.  You can now experiment with any style you want without the worry of looking stupid.  After all, you’ve already looked stupid and nothing bad really happened…

So go for it.


  • Cheryl says:

    Uh, whiter than white opaque tights.
    The end.
    As in, kill me. Anything under the sun is better.

    This month was more funny than anything. Which is exactly when I started subscribing to your blog. What a coincidence?!

  • V says:

    Holly, hope you don’t mind that I totally hijacked your post but honestly, I really needed to borrow the wisdom of your readers and just a bit of comforting. Thank you everyone for all your good advice and for being so nice. All your suggestions are really good and I’m going to be doing a ‘trying not to look like I’ve a bun in the oven’ look for the remainder of the year before wheeling about a pram full of kittens and wearing the best shapewear money can buy. I’m not vain but the whole misunderstanding has just made me feel so rubbish, especially as I was trying to look nice on a night out, and it touched such a raw nerve as I’d really love another baby.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Don’t worry about it at all. Hijack away. I’m sorry that happened to you. It’s happened to all of us — if that makes you feel any better. I remember one woman commenting about how fat my arms were — like I had pregnancy arms — eight months after one of my kids was born.

  • Michelle G says:

    I always look preggers in empire waist and I always get asked. I say, “Nope, still just fat from the last one.” That shuts them up. Go easy on yourself, mama.

  • V says:

    Ah well, you gave it a good go. I do like a bit of ‘Austin Powers’ and ‘The Boat that rocked’ but maybe it was better when everyone was on LSD then just like the Pep pills must have made it easier to be a bombshell. I’m putting it all down to drugs with some of the fashion decades. I am feeling very self conscious because last night I got all dressed up for an event. Afterwards, catching up with locals and then there was that moment when people are asking how you are doing [with being pregnant] and you’re not and then it happened again before whispers of “she’s not, she’s NOT pregnant!” were zooming around at light speed. The snag is that someone asked me that months and months ago so people must really think I look a good 8 months or more gone. I had the full holdy inny undies ensemble and I am feeling rather upset as I have actually lost a stone since getting on meds for health problem. I am busty yet had on a good boulder holder. Could it be the empire line dress? The cut of the coat? Is my clothing just yelling maternity wear? I was holding in when standing up, if I hold in anymore I may go inside out, but it either has to be the clothes, the figure or both. I did go check out some websites on diastasis recti and I do have a bigger tummy gap than the norm after doing the checks so I think I’ll get some exercises on the go for that but I had two elephant length pregnancies and son was an absolute whopper whereas I’m very small, he went forward and forward until the bump was in another timezone, I don’t think the mummy tummy stripey skin will ever be the way it was so I hope stripes are in. I’m honestly going to donate the dress and coat for a start and all those what I thought were Katherine Hepburnesque pallazzo pants can just go. Maybe I should do corset training and rearrange all my internal organs. What am I going to wear now though? A belly bandit by the looks of it and maybe some sort of triple strength girdle.

    • alice says:

      : ( I’m sorry to hear this happened to you and that you are now feeling self-conscious because of it. I don’t know if this will help you, but I just saw a post recently that addresses what to wear if you have some post-pregnancy belly:

      She has a fuller figure than most fashion bloggers I’ve seen, and always looks incredible so her outfit posts might give you inspiration if you not sure what to wear now. That said, I hope you’re not being too tough on yourself and how you look now; having a baby is hard work!

    • Jenn says:

      I have diastasis recti too, about 4 1/2 fingers worth – which is pretty large. I have a fitness DVD by Helen Byrne and did the MuTu system – neither of which closed the gap (at all) for me BUT my tummy doesn’t pooch out as much and I feel stronger when I do other activities. There’s tons of testimonials from women who were able to close the gap either completely or pretty close so don’t think that it can’t happen!

      There’s also the Tupler method that a lot of women have had luck with but it’s too time-consuming for me – maybe when the kids are in school. :)

      • My Year of Fabulous says:

        Wait — what is diastasis recti?

        • V says:

          It is when the outer abdominal muscles, the recti abdominis, are separated. That usually happens when baby bump is there but it often doesn’t completely go back together after baby, leaving a gap. That means there isn’t much support for internal organs and lots of the exercises you’d think would help actually make it worse. It’s one of those things you only find out about if you go reading up but I bet you the french women know, they really get looked after really well postnatally. Snag is I just read sucking in your tummy actually makes it worse too, oops.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Oooh, that’s too bad. Sorry to hear that you got that comment. I’m guessing it was the type of clothing you were wearing. Maybe it made you look pregnant when you are obviously totally not. Did you say empire waist dress? Those can be really tough on the figure. I avoid them.

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