Sporty Chic, style for the flabby…

A Year in Review – Day 20

I can’t believe I have only eleven more posts until the end of the year.  In realizing this momentous year is almost over for me, I also realized that I have to stop doing a quiz every few days — I just don’t have enough time.  I still have to talk about Sporty Chic, My month of Maxi dresses, Gamine, Arty Slick, Eco Mama, Bombshell AND reveal my style choice for next year on December 31st.  Plus, there’s a Christmas post and possibly some random farm animal hijinks that I’ll need to post about.  I’ve never been that good at scheduling things, but I think organizing the posts for this last month I’ve possibly hit an all-time low.   Yay, me!  I’m breaking new ground everywhere!


So today, instead of giving away something, I’m going to just jump right into “Sporty Chic” –  a style that seemed ridiculous for me to wear given the fact that I NEVER exercise.  Oh, sure, over the years I’ve joined a gym here or there…  I’ve gone to the pool with my kids and watched them take swimming lessons.  I’ve even walked to the road to get our mail at least a dozen times.  And despite my enduring commitment to exercise, I remain a very flabby person.  So to me, taking on Sporty Chic was almost like naming a really large dog, “Tiny” — Basically, just a joke based on opposites.


But you know what?  It wasn’t that bad and I learned two very important lessons —

1).  Wearing exercise clothes all the time makes you want to be more active and get in better shape.

2.)  My body isn’t as hideous as I had imagined.


The second lesson was extremely important after giving birth to three children in less than six years.  With each of my three kids, I gained about 60 pounds.  So I would start out about 130 pounds and nine months and five thousand boxes of cereal later, I would be tipping the scales at about 190.  I would then lose the weight in about a year or two, then get pregnant and start the whole grizzly process all over again.  By my second child, my right leg became insanely swollen and hot and covered in varicose veins.  By my third child, that leg was something I dragged behind me while yelling, “I am not an animal!  I am a human being!”  Oh, and I nursed all my kids, which while being healthy for babies, also turns your breasts in dangling cat toys.


So no wonder after having kids I just covered myself up like I was living in Victorian England!  After what I had been through I just assumed wearing a pair of shorts to town would cause a rash of public vomiting.  But by making myself wear Sporty Chic, I got to realistically take a look at my body and actually be proud of it for going through so much.  I mean, seriously, when a fighter gets out of the ring, you don’t hear them say, “Don’t look at my nose! It’s hideous!”  But most women after creating an entire person ending up feeling worse about their bodies than they did before they made a soft, chubby, yummy smelling miracle.  And that is so messed up.


So thank you Sporty Chic.  You made me appreciate what I get to walk around in each day.  I still haven’t started to exercise, but if I ever do, at least I’ve got some great clothes to wear.


  • Calistra says:

    That’s a charming post and you look great in sporty chic style. Actually I’ve also discovered it for myself only few months ago. Just like you, I’m not a sporty girl and always been more into girly outfits. But one garment changed my whole point of view on sporty chic – sweatshirts. These are so comfy and so cool! And can be worn both with jeans/pants and with skirts. Even over dresses :) Also there are so many different types of sweatshirts (here are some so there’s at least one type that suits you personally. So, if you are still into sporty chic, then give a try sweatshirts, they are extremely addictive! :)

  • jo says:

    “I mean, seriously, when a fighter gets out of the ring, you don’t hear them say, “Don’t look at my nose! It’s hideous!” But most women after creating an entire person ending up feeling worse about their bodies than they did before they made a soft, chubby, yummy smelling miracle. And that is so messed up.”

    That’s a great point, well said!

  • alice says:

    This post made me really happy for you : )

  • Jenn says:

    Oh my gosh I also ate 5,000 boxes of cereal throughout my pregnancies. Lucky Charms and Life was where it was AT. I still have 6 pounds of sugary carby goodness to work off until I’m back to normal weight but I don’t worry about it. After 3 babies I’ve figured out that it just takes me a looooonnnng time to lose the weight and then only after weaning but it does always come off. It’s been nice to give myself a break this time around, too bad it took me this long to trust my body.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      I love Lucky Charms! The third baby took me the longest to lose the weight — it seems like it got harder each time. I used to eat a BOX of cereal a day, then go to the store and replace it so my husband didn’t know I was eating a whole box — not that he would have cared — I was just embarrassed!

  • Lyn says:

    It is messed up, but I feel exactly the same after having 2 kids in 2.5 years, i’m trying to get rid of the 10 extra lbs (each) that I gained in the process. I eat well but HATE to exercise @ a gym so in the colder months it just stinks. Hope to get to where you’re at feeling good about your body!! I didn’t like sporty chic as much as boho, but was QUITE impressed with the dress you went tubing in! How perfect!

  • Jen S. says:

    Possibly my favorite post of yours, ever! I love how this blog has evolved from a funny fashion experiment into something that can provide a deeper look into the sociological and psychological implications of what we wear.

  • V says:

    I agree that women are so hard on themselves post baby. I used to teach belly dancing and it took about five weeks before folk would get brave about showing a bit of tummy here and there (not compulsory for dancing btw). Under all the clothes people have all sorts of surgery scars, stretch marks, wobbly bits, bony bits, fuzzy bits and tattood/pierced bits (surprising sometimes!). It’s just that we never see other women with any sort of marks or even different body sizes as the only women who’s bodies are on show are actresses and models who are airbrushed and photoshopped. If someone is snapped on holiday showing as much as a bit of cellulite a big red circle is drawn around it and it is splashed all over the gossip mags. I think women are their own worst enemy on this one really. Did you post about this project, I can’t remember where I read about it? 4th Trimester Bodies project: There is also the work of Spencer Tunick who take mass group photo’s of, well, just natural humans. It’s really odd when you think about it that we only ever really see people’s arms, legs and faces. It’s not just post natal women’s bodies that are a mystery, it’s everyone. What do old people really look like? What does anyone really look like? Everyone is pretty busy naval gazing (their own) and it’s such a shame. Change is to be expected after making people, just as you say. When I was pregnant I did find it strange that some women would call themselves fat when it was actually a person in their body growing. I was very ill in both pregnancies so, for me, there’s nothing like being pregnant to make me lose weight (why are people going on about Kate being back to pre-pregnancy weight when she had hyperemesis too (eyeroll) but my thyroid problem made me put on weight and that bothers me more as a sign of not being well, being a bit broken. The stretch marks of pregnancy came in angry and red in the last month and no wonder and how they itched as the skin was stretched to breaking like that. They are silver now. I nursed for a long time as it was something that was working, it felt great that something was working after being so sick in the pregnancy, and I hate washing up so all that nursing does change things but it’s to be expected because that’s what the reserves in there are for. In Africa it is a curse to say you hope someone’s breasts remain perky, they are cool with things becoming a bit south of the chin. I’d have been so popular in stone age times, they have their little stone women ornaments looking very post natal.

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