Taking a look at Rock and Roll fashion…

A Year in Review – Day 2

My very first look in “My year of Fabulous” was Rock and Roll.  I chose it because I thought it was daring and it would be such a stark contrast from what I had been wearing since I became a mom.  You know, comfortable, shapeless clothes that could be thrown up on.  Clothes like this —


I can’t tell you how many times one of my kids barfed on or wiped their hands or nose on the Woody Woodpecker t-shirt I’m wearing and yet, there I am, still wearing it (cleaned of course, but forever damaged).  I like how the blue in my jeans matches the blue in my fleece jacket (with broken zipper).  I think back then I actually thought that was the definition of matching — putting the exact same color all over my body and leaving the house like an oversized Smurf.

After looking over all my Rock and Roll pictures, I have selected three outfits that I think worked on me.  Those outfits I’ll share today.  The rest of the outfits, the ones that qualify for “outfits that didn’t really work on me” — I’ll share those delightful pictures tomorrow.

Here’s my very first attempt at Rock and Roll fashion —


Not bad.  I think this outfit works in theory, but I remember being too afraid to leave the house dressed like this so I just wandered around the yard for a bit wondering why on Earth I committed a year of my life to such fashion folly.

Here’s outfit number two.  I feel like this outfit worked on me as well —


It’s too tight for my comfort zone, but I was able to leave the house in it without feeling like a complete idiot.  I also really liked the boots and belt, but feel like the outfit could have used an edgy jacket, scarf or bracelet to complete the look.  What do you think?

And finally, outfit number three.  This Rock and Roll outfit always sticks out in my head as the outfit that changed the way I thought about fashion —


I wore this outfit to the skate park with my kids.  And, as always, there were the same sketchy people there that always hang out at the skate park — tattooed people with beverages in brown paper bags that stay at the skate park from morning to night and stare at me when I arrive in my mini van full of children and cheddar bunny snacks.  I’ve always smiled and waved at these people — It would have been nice to have a conversation with them or at least say hello — but try as I might — they just wouldn’t smile or wave back.

Until I wore my Rock and Roll outfit.

Suddenly, I was petting their pit bulls and everyone’s new best friend.  We laughed.  We talked.  I was accepted into their fun, jobless society.  But I was still the exact same person I was the week before when they had refused to say hi to me.  I hadn’t changed at all.  The only thing that changed was my clothing.

It was then I realized how much my clothes said about me.  I just thought I was being ignored by the world because moms are just ignored.  I was so wrong!  By dressing in my mom-sloppy-I’ve-given-up-clothes, I was basically just telling the world to ignore me.  I obviously didn’t care about me, so why should anyone else?  What a powerful message I was sending to the people of Earth that I didn’t even realize.

That’s when I got really excited about my blog — If Rock and Roll tells sketchy people that I’m cool, what do other styles tell people?  What happens when I wear Euro Chic?  How do people treat me in Mod?  It was all too fascinating and thus began my mom-on-the-farm, undercover, year long, fashion investigative journalism report.

Project Runway host, Nina Garcia says —

“Every time you dress, you assert your identity. With style, you tell the world your story.”

She is so RIGHT!  Who knew Project Runway had the answers to all of life’s great mysteries?

So my question to you is  — What story are you telling the world?








  • Braidwood says:

    “What a powerful message I was sending to the people of Earth that I didn’t even realize.” I love your blog so much. And reading that sentence just gave me a way to justify my current obsession with fashion. Thanks! :)

  • Kalina says:

    I think the mini dress with the leggings and studded belt looked great on you. You’re right, a little leather jacket would really complete the “rock ‘n’ roll” vibe but, I think it’s pretty darn cute as is!

  • Tricia says:

    I’ve been trying really hard. But I can’t find a coat to wear my baby underneath that doesn’t say “I’m a bus! Beep Beep!” And given that he’s not happy in the stroller and there’s a loooooong midwestern winter ahead, I’m a bit afraid.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Our youngest son hated the stroller and I wore him everywhere and he got me so sticky! Oh well. It was fun and at least a bit of a work out. If you’re still wearing your kids then don’t even think about fashion! How can you? Just wear whatever and brave the winter! I’m sure you look beautiful.

  • Sian says:

    I asked myself about this today. I went to a playgroup for my youngest and only half the people turned up this week. All my usual people I chat to at the end when kids are having morning tea were not there. Quickly as kids were settled everyone turned to another person to have a natter and there was me ready to chat and having what I thought was a friendly open vibe about me and no one to talk to. What was different? Maybe me? I wondered if it was anything to do with how I come across in my style. Maybe not but it is quite a conservative town and I possibly looked a bit… ‘something’ they were not sure about.

    So hard to know what you might be saying to others through your appearance though. I just don’t know what I say but am trying to be conscious of it but keep true to myself.

    I remember all those outfits and I love the tight blue dress with belt and boots best. Would love to have a figure like yours so I could wear things like that!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      That’s so interesting. You know, if you feel comfortable wearing what you’re wearing, then I say stick with it even if you thought people were looking at you possibly in a “she doesn’t look conservative” way. Be true to yourself.

  • agnes says:

    I think one of the questions is, what do you feel good in and that you can wear without feeling it’s a costume?If you are wearing something that makes you feel like its a bit of a fake version of you you will never be comfy.

    And it’s a different question to; what do you look good in?
    I look good in some things I don’t feel comfortable in, and I like some things I don’t look good in. So for me the answer is an authentic look, that you also look good in, and that’s practical in your lifestyle. And also as you have discovered you can have special looks like bombshell, for events and another look for everyday.

    I liked you in euro chic, I thought it suited your slim figure, but I recall it was pretty impractical for your life. I also liked you in bombshell.

    Can’t wait to see what you decide.
    cheers Agnes

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      I think you’re so right! Thanks so much. I really didn’t like the looks that made me feel costumey. Those were the worst.

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