How to wear a maxi dress..

A Year in Review – Day 23


I’m only going to spend one day talking about maxi dresses because in my opinion, there is very little to talk about — except for the fact that they’re wonderful.  They are gigantic sheets of fabric that hide all manner of dangly bits and pooches and things you might not want the world to see.  They are comfortable and with a little added jewelry and some strappy sandals, they magically transform into celebrity chic.  All you have to do is carry a big, frosty drink in your hand and you might as well have the paparazzi hounding you.


I decided to wear a month of maxi dresses because of my lifelong fear/hatred of dresses.  I was a tomboy when I was a kid and NEVER went through the “princess” phase of childhood.  Therefore, I never got comfortable wearing a dress and by the time society started to pressure me to wear a dress for certain occasions (prom, wedding), I looked as comfortable and feminine as the Dunkin Donuts man on an outing to check his competitor’s prices —


And by forcing myself to wear a dress every day for an entire month, my whole opinion of dresses changed.


Did you know that on a hot summer day a dress is just the ticket to stay cool? (You probably did.)


Did you also know that dresses are soooo easy because it’s just one thing?  No matching required.  (You probably knew this too.)


And did you also know that you feel kind of special wearing a dress?  Going to Jiffy Lube and the park somehow become more of an “event” with a dress on.  (I know, I know… you knew this too.)


But I didn’t know any of this and felt that somehow dresses were only for girly-girls, which is just not true.  Sure, in a dress it’s harder to carry a sack of chicken food or a wiggling sack of child, but it’s not impossible.

Besides, you’re in a dress.  Let somebody else do the heavy lifting for once.

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