Bad weather fashion freak out…

It’s been pouring rain here all week, Emerson and August have colds and a storm knocked down one of our huge oak trees and crushed the goat’s fence.  It took two days for Bill to chain saw the dead tree off the fence and then repair the fence.  During those two days, the goats rampaged our entire property – breaking into our garden, the chicken coop and a storage shed where they ate four rolls of paper towels and a wind chime.  I’m telling you, when people eat goat, it’s not for the flavor – it’s an act of revenge.


Needless to say, it hasn’t exactly been fashion week here.  Some days I’ve been so skuzzy  that it almost felt like my fashion quest has been for nothing and I was back at square one – wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt until four in the afternoon, hair firmly plastered back in a ponytail.

It was pretty depressing and so for a couple of days I tried a pull myself back from the brink of fashion oblivion and look a little less like a meth-addict in a mini van.  I didn’t manage to actually get out of jeans, but at least I wore two different pairs of jeans and they were both clean.  Here are the results –


Skinny jeans, olive green trench, Clarks equestrian boots from my American Classic month and a Michael Stars shirt from Thred up.  I highly recommend checking out Thred up for Michael Stars shirts (and for everything else for that matter.)  Many of them have never been worn and the prices are incredible.   And since Michael Stars shirt are “one size fits most” you don’t have to guess your size – there’s only one size!


Here’s bad weather outfit number 2 —


Vera Wang boyfriend jeans (found at Goodwill), cute, totally fake Gucci purse (consignment shop), H&M white oxford, patterned sweater and leather booties.  Because it’s spring, now is a nice time to shop for booties because a lot of them are on sale.    Buy some and put them in your closet until fall – it’s like giving your future self a present!  But my favorite part of this outfit is the necklace –


I won it at Buck’s school auction.  It’s made by jewelry designer Becky Kelso and I swooped in at the last minute and outbid everyone, just like the evil person I am.  Now I may not have any friends at the school, but at least I have my necklace, so there…


And that’s my style report today.  It’s pouring right now, so I’m going to get back in my pajamas, put on some macaroni and cheese and listen to my kids sing songs from Frozen until I lock myself in the bathroom.

Here’s hoping spring weather comes really, really, soon…


  • Hassanah says:

    I am chuckling for several reasons…

    – Goats getting in the shed, that sucks. But your comment about revenge-hilarious!

    – THE necklace. This is bittersweet. I am glad you got it but I did hear my sis exclaim “Stupid HollyHes” during the final seconds as you swooped in! It looks good on you though. I am saving up for a Becky Kelso ring. One day I will have a silver one with a blue stone.

    – The books you recommended!!!! Okay, I apologize right here and now in front of God and everybody, I have both and I think one might be overdue. Sorry if you are one of the people on the waitlist, I will bring it back soon. But it is cold and rainy and I don’t wanna get out of the car! Wah, wah. Lol

  • Ginny says:

    Sorry to hear about the tree. And the sick kids. And the goats. And the rain. If it makes you feel any better, New England is stuck in a perpetual winter (talk about Frozen!). Sartorially, we’re divided into two camps: the Freezers who don light summer frocks in a hopeless, mad effort at environmental denial and the Oddities who continue to wear their winter clothes, but combine them in visually-challenging ways out of sheer wardrobe boredom.

    At this point, I would even welcome mud.

  • Cheri Dawe says:

    A few weeks ago you recommended the book “I Want To Be Her” by Andrea Linett. I got it, read it and thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you!

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