I’m on Blogher!

Okay, here’s my first shameless promotion.

Well, maybe it’s not the first, but it’s certainly the most thinly veiled shameless promotion.  I submitted my “Five Stages of Grief at Legoland” post to Blogher and low and behold, they decided to run it as a feature.  And it’s on the home page somewhere nestled between “How to make a headboard from rugs” and “Asian women are not props” (I only wish I was kidding).

I am so excited.  Seriously.  I haven’t been this excited since I heard that George Clooney was dating a lawyer and not just some random human blow up doll like he usually does.  This fact finally legitimized my love of George Clooney — like, See, I knew he respected women all along.  He just kept passing by the human blow up doll store and was late for the Oscars.  He had no choice.


And now, Blogher has legitimized my blog.  See, I knew I wasn’t ranting for my own amusement.  A legitimate organization has decided to post my rantings.

Now here’s the part where you come in — If you feel like it and ONLY if you feel like it, here is the link to blogher — you can go on the site and click on my post, then my post gets ranked higher and higher until one day I get a call from President Obama thanking me for making the world a better place by making fun of Legoland.  Unfortunately, shortly after this call, I’ll get a call from Legoland suing me for making fun of their park.  There would be a rushed, media-frenzied trial and I’d be sentenced to jail — but it turns out to only be Lego jail and it’s made of plastic bricks, so it’s sooooo easy to break out of…

That’s all.  That’s my whole post.  Shameless promotion.  George Clooney.  Strange Lego jail fantasy scenario.

Oh, yeah.  And Blogher.  I almost forgot Blogher.  Thanks!


  • B.C says:

    Congratulations! I Clicked.

    I also wanted to say I really love the new blog layout! It’s beautiful and sleek. My only complaint is there is no comment count, so I never know if there has been more awesome added to a post’s conversation since the last read :)

  • JoulesDellinger says:

    Awww, look at you all BIG TIME now! Congrats on being featured on BlogHer!! =)

    • Holly Hester says:

      Thanks! And thanks for your help. I couldn’t have navigated that blogger website without you.

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