My first week of California Casual

I think I did pretty well for the first week of a new style.  And best of all, it gave me a reason to go shopping.  Having a reason to go shopping is so much better than just randomly shopping.  It gives the whole outing weight and purpose.  It turns a simple errand into a mission.  And, if you don’t examine it too closely, it makes shopping seem necessary and not just something you want to do because it’s really fun looking through racks of clothes while child-free and sipping an iced latte.

I didn’t get enough clothes for a whole week (which means I to have to shop more!), but here’s the best and worst of what I got —


I posted this one on Friday, but I wanted to include it in today’s California Casual review.  I like it.  I think it works and I’m always proud of myself when I wear a skirt.


I wore this outfit to a friend’s summer solstice party.  I knew it was going to get chilly in the evening so I wore some big ol’ David Kahn bellbottom jeans.  I love David Kahn jeans, by the way… you’ve got to try them if you haven’t already.  The peasant blouse is “Lucky tees” and it’s super soft and the shoes —


— are these retro-looking Dansko-Mary-Jane-Clogs.  Dansko clogs are not exactly flexible — more like hard as rocks to walk in.  Sometime I feel like I’m wearing actually clogs…


…like this traditionally dressed woman here.  But strangely enough, my Dansko shoes don’t hurt at all.  They feel just fine and have an added bonus of making me feel six feet tall.


Okay, this shirt I already had but I thought it had a California Casual/boho vibe.  It’s Free People.  I bought it last year and I love it.  I never leave the house without getting a compliment about this shirt.  Although in this picture, Charlie Brown seems to hate it.  (Buck is doing a camp at the Charles Shultz Museum this week.)


And finally, this outfit falls under the category of “I don’t know what I was thinking.”  When I tried this skirt on it was soooooo comfortable I just had to get it and convinced myself it was California Casual.  Partly because it’s cotton and partly because it’s a size too large for me — in the dressing room I felt like I had just put on a cozy blanket.  I’m not quite sure what style this skirt is.  Any guesses?  It’s Patagonia, size large and if anyone wants it, I’ll be happy to send it your way.

So that’s it for my first week.  Over all, I felt really good in these clothes.  I think I just might be on to something and I’m just positively giddy to be style hunting again.

xo, Holly



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