A great outfit for a picky boy…

Buck has never, ever been a picky dresser.  Even now at ten years old, I can lay out any outfit for school for him and he will put it on without even looking to see what it is.  He would put on a suit of armor and a tutu and be half way through main lesson before realizing what he was wearing.  And Emerson is great with clothes too.  In fact, she loves clothes, loves to talk about clothes, loves to go shopping for clothes and has a completely open mind and willingness to try any style I might suggest.  I have to really try and shift our conversations away from clothes to things like books and art because my fear is she’ll grow up and only be able to talk about socks.

But August is a different story.  From the moment he was born, he seemed to reject anything I wanted to put on him that I deemed “adorable”.  Forget cute hats.  Forget hilarious Halloween outfits.  By the time he was six months old he wouldn’t even let me put a onesie on him.  He would only wear t-shirts that would ride up over his big, fat, baby belly like he was some miniature forty-year-old guy sitting outside his RV drinking a beer.

I kept thinking this was a phase and his clothes pickiness would all blow over at some point… until the other day when August went on a clothing strike.


It started when I bought him an innocent pair of plaid shorts from Old Navy.  I thought they were so cute and when I put them on him he burst into tears.  “I’m… not… wearing… these…”  I was shocked.  Really?  Were these shorts that offensive?  Did August have a bad experience with a golfer in a past life?  I said, “What’s wrong with them?”


August looked at me incredulously and said, “Just look at them!”  He quickly took the shorts off and refused to put on any clothes at all — which was a problem because we had a ton of things to do that day and it was also like fifty degrees outside.  Desperately, I looked through all my stash of his brother and sister’s hand me downs until I came across an outfit… this outfit…



Both Buck and Emerson loved this outfit.  It’s from my friend’s company, Gypsy Monkey.  Amazingly made. Wonderful durable and totally cool (At least in my opinion.  Who knows what August would think of it.)

It turns out August totally loves it.  He wears it for everything.


Catching bugs.


Squirting water guns.


Or just sitting on his dirt rocket thinking about life…

And he can’t go out in public without getting a celebrity-amount of attention over what he’s wearing.  I think this outfit might even have helped me make up for the ground I lost with the now famous plaid shorts.

So if you have a picky dresser (boy or girl), you have to check out this website.  They’re great for gifts too.  I’m buying the flames outfit next, so at least August will have two outfits in rotation.

Oh, yeah.  I also have a pair of size 5 plaid shorts if anyone wants them.

Hardly worn.



  • JoulesDellinger says:

    Thank goodness my little one is only 2 and doesn’t yet have an opinion about clothes. Well, sometimes he NEEDS to wear his Elmo shirt, but other than that, no thang. I’d snap those shorts up in a heartbeat, they’re adorable. =)

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