New chicks!

We try to have a least 20 chickens in our hen house at all times. This is because we like to get at least three or four eggs every day and since our chickens are free range, we need a ton of hens to make this possible.  Why?  Because if you let your chickens out, they lay eggs not just in the coop, but all sorts of places — under the grill, behind the slide, in the wood shed…  Once, I even found an egg in my rain boot and I’m convinced one of the chickens was playing a practical joke on me.  And a good one.  So some mornings we’re lucky to find enough eggs to make breakfast. (This is an example of the bad farmer theme that runs through out this blog and my life.)

Last week, we added ten new baby chicks to our flock.  If you’re a poultry nerd, we got Golden-laced Wyandottes.  If you’re not, we got chickens.


Are you ready for a cute video?  Hold onto your mobile device then because I’ve got one for you!  And it’s perfect for the internet — It’s got adorable animals and not a shred of thought provoking content.

The chickenWIng

I got this awesome chicken swing from my friend, Bo, for my birthday.  She said in the card, “This is really more of a present for the chickens than for you” – On, no. I beg to differ!  The chicken swing is a present for all of humanity.  It took a little bit for the baby chicks to get used to the swing, but now they love it.

So here is my first of hopefully many videos on Riot Ranch  — The Chicks — enjoy!


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