It’s time to buy sandals!

I know, I know, everyone is really boot-crazy right now, but I’m telling you now is the perfect time to buy sandals — for next year.  Here’s what you do —  buy a couple of really cute on sale sandals and sneakers today and then put them away in your closet until spring.  If you’re like me, when you find them in eight months, you will not have remembered you bought shoes and it will be like Christmas!  I swear, when I did this last year and opened an unexplained shoe box in my closet with brand new sandals in it, I screamed.   It’s one of the wonderful advantages of having no memory because your children never let you get a full night’s sleep.  Honestly, if you can do this kind of “put away” shopping, you will save a bundle and always have amazing gifts for yourself just waiting in your closet.



I just got these Toms wedge sandals at a store in town for 39.00 — they were 89.00


If you want a super crazy mostly half-off sandal sale, try Nordstroms right now.

And if you want a more eco-friendly shoe, try Moo-shoes.  As an ongoing quest, I want to know where my clothes and shoes are coming from.  I want to stop just buying a bunch of crap at Target and pretending it was made in happy-happy-cloud-fairy-land.  And that’s why I bought Toms and also why I fell in love with Moos Shoes.


The company is all about helping shelter animals.  When I saw an advertisement for Best Friends Animal Society on their home page, I pretty much gave them everything in my bank account right then and there.

And if you find an awesome pair of sandals on sale at Nordstroms that aren’t eco-friendly, buy them anyway and tell yourself you will donate the money you saved to your favorite charity.  Feel better?

I promise to always be here to help you rationalize a shoe purchase.


Comments? Fire away.