Two beauty products I LOVE

I rarely take the bait on beauty product ads.  First of all, I think they are all pretty stupid and sad — trying to make us believe that happiness is actually skin deep and that if we all looked better, and more importantly, younger, everything in our miserable little worlds would suddenly start to work out.

The second reason I never buy any new beauty products is because I don’t really have time to sit in front of the mirror rubbing creams all over myself.  I have absolutely no time in the morning and at night after the kids have gone to bed, I’m just too tired to care about anything except eating a cookie without having to share it.


I don’t know how or why I decided to do this, but two products were recommended on I WANT TO BE HER! and like a non-thinking robot, I spontaneously whipped out my credit card and bought them.  And I love them.  So much.  Too much.  It’s weird.  (And this is not a sponsored post, by the way.)

So just in case you want to give yourself a crazy treat (or give a crazy treat to someone you love), here they are —


This is a face cream called, “Good Genes” by Sunday Riley.  It makes your skin look instantly amazing and it’s 99 percent paraben-free, cruelty free and vegan friendly (so you can eat it!)  On Sephora it said, “paraben-free” and then after I got it and looked at the ingredient list I was disappointed to see that it actually does have one percent parabens.  But I had already used it and already fallen in love with it, so I’ve decided to look the other way.

cavier-leave in

This is called, “Caviar Replenishing Moisture Milk Leave in Conditioner” (say that five times fast).  You put it on towel-dried hair after your shower and your hair will feel thick and soft and amazing all day long.  It’s also paraben, sulfate and phthalate free.  I never touch my hair.  It’s like this thing that sits on top of my head that I totally ignore.  And yesterday, I couldn’t stop touching my hair all day long.  I thought, Oh my god, I’m going to be one of those girls!  Maybe I’ll even start carrying a brush in my purse.  Stranger things have happened.

I bought both of these products on Sephora.  At the end of your online check out, you can select three free samples.  I know Emmy loves perfume samples, so I randomly picked three perfumes for her and now all three of my kids are running around the house smelling like French whores.

So that’s the product love I’m sharing.  Have a beautiful, and very skin deep, day…



  • Becky says:

    My skin had some sort of panic attack in August. I tried using the regular acne stuff with salicylic acid and it just made things worse. So, I went back to my burt’s bees face wash once a day (which is sadly not completely free of nasties) and also swiped with witch hazel 4-5 times a day (seriously, my chin was having some sort of attention seeking tantrum) Twice a day, I added a drop of tea tree oil on top of the witch hazel to the cotton swab and swiped it over the big trouble spots. I found it really effective at clearing up spots- even those that hadn’t actually gotten to the surface yet. I didn’t want to get some sort of resistance going so I’ve also cycled in geranium oil and I think I’m going to try lavender next. I’m not quite sure what sort of issues you’re dealing with but I know you have teens coming up and the witch hazel/essential oil seems pretty effective and is free from pretty much all the nasties. My skin tends to be combination and pretty sensitive.

    • Holly Hester says:

      That sounds interesting. I have witch hazel but I never thought about putting it on my face. And I’ve heard lavender is good for acne but not geranium oil — that works on break outs? I would love that. I have combination skin. It gets dry but I also break out and get clogged easily. I’ve been washing my face with coconut oil for about a year now and that has helped a lot. But I’ll make up your potion and see what it’s like. Thanks!

  • Bo says:

    Sold! Can’t wait to get them in the mail…this WILL be awesome :)

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