Water — It’s not just for celebrities anymore!

I’ve never been a big water drinker.  Ever.  I just never really got the point of the whole water thing when there are so many other flavored beverages in the world that are so yummy.  Water just seemed to be a water-down version of coffee, beer, soda, or soda’s pretend healthy friend, iced tea.  But the other day, when I was lying in bed reading an interview with Jennifer Aniston, (In my defense, it was the only thing upstairs to read.  Our bedroom has more boring magazines than a dentist’s office.) she said that her two biggest secrets to looking so good were sleep and water.  Now, of course, I don’t really believe those are her only secrets, but it did get me thinking about water and my cursory relationship with it.


It occurred to me that since becoming a mom, I have turned into a camel out of necessity.  As a mom, if you’re out in public and you have to pee and you just have a baby — well, that’s one thing — but as soon as your child can crawl, bathrooms turn into truly disgusting, very stressful places.  I remember the first time I saw Buck crawl into another stall and disappear.  I remember being sooooooooo grossed out — it was a bathroom floor at the beach, which is pretty much one of the grossest bathroom floors on Earth — I remember calling his name and getting absolutely no response.  By the time I got out of the stall, Buck had actually left the bathroom and was running around the parking lot.  I think it was then that I subconsciously made a decision to stop absorbing liquids all together.

That doesn’t mean I’ve avoided public bathrooms all these years — oh, no!  Moms with little kids and vagrants are the two groups of people that keep public bathrooms bustling.  A parenting rule of thumb — If you’re anywhere near a gross bathroom, you can count on having to change a diaper in it.  And how many hundreds of times have I been crammed in a stall with all three of my children as we do this weird public bathroom dance where we rotate clockwise and take turns at the toilet.  I’ve often been envious of the junkie shooting up in the stall next to us.  At least they have space.  And at least they won’t have someone opening the bathroom door on them before they are finished going!  I wonder how many moms actually go to the bathroom while saying, “Do not open that door!  Do not open that door!”


It’s only been recently that we all can use separate stalls.  This has been a major achievement and I only wish there was a plastic award I could buy at the Party Store to celebrate it.  (Nothing fancy, maybe just a happy mom sitting on a toilet alone giving a big thumbs up.)

Which brings me back to water.  There is really no good excuse why I can’t drink the stuff these days, so I decided to give water a try.  And, being me, I decided to drink a ton of it instantly, just to see if there was any remarkable difference in how I felt.

And I hate to say this, but drinking a lot of water, DOES make you feel better.  It really does.  It makes you feel, oh, what’s the word, hydrated?  My skin is smoother.  My eyes are clearer.  I even have more energy.  And the weird thing is, the more you drink it, the more you want to drink it.  You get thirstier.  You crave water.  You start being one of those annoying people that say, “Have you seen my water bottle?”

So it looks like my camel days are over.  But unfortunately, since I’m drinking a lot of water, my public bathroom days have just begun.


  • Becky says:

    I have found that when I’m feeling awful and draggy, coffee is often not the answer (sometimes it totally is, though). A lot of times, I feel awful because I’m dehydrated. I also like herbal teas when it’s cold and awful out but sometimes they *will* make you pee worse and it takes time to get used to drinking them without sweetener. If I haven’t been keeping up with hydration, I do pee A LOT for the first day or so but then it settles down. On the plus side, I can drop 2-3 pounds in water weight. I also find that it varies based on where I am hormonally.

    • Holly Hester says:

      I didn’t know that. Thanks. Because I have to say, now that I’m drinking a lot of water, I have to pee so much it’s ridiculous. I feel like I’m in public bathrooms more than I ever have been. It’s good to know that settles down. Also, I didn’t know herbal teas made you pee more. Why is that?

      • Becky says:

        Some are diuretics. Chamomile and hibiscus are the two I’m most likely to drink. But stinging nettle and dandelion are the ones that also come to mind. Anything labeled “detox” or “cleansing.” Also, lemon will make you pee. I’m not totally sure if you actually totally stop peeing less or your bladder gets it’s act together or just aren’t quite so thirst because you’re actually keeping up with your hydration but I find that now I pee every 90-120 minutes (manageable) instead of every 30. Except for a hunk in the morning when things are settling out from overnight. It’s like my kidneys and bladder suddenly wake up and it’s every 30-60 minutes for a couple hours.

        • Holly Hester says:

          That’s so interesting. I bet that’s really good for you to drink those herb teas. I’ve been trying just to drink a ton when I know I’m home for a few hours and there’s a bathroom, and then when I’m out not to drink so much. It’s still a pain to try and take the kids to the bathroom with me if we’re grocery shopping or something.

  • Dell says:

    I can’t go anywhere without a bottle or two of water.

  • Ginny says:

    Okay, you’ve convinced me, Drink More Water is now an official New Year’s resolution! BTW, Happy Mommy Day: the day that DAD takes the boys into the public restroom because they have become too old to go into the ladies room. Followed shorty by Scary Mommy Day: the day the boys go into the men’s room BY THEMSELVES because they are too old to go into the ladies room. (Why yes I did lurk immediately outside the door. Got lots of surprised looks from exiting men. And two sets of eye rolls from my beloved children.)

    • Holly Hester says:

      You know, the men’s room freaks me out! I’m sure it’s perfectly safe, but I just imagine it’s filled with pedophiles. I still make Buck come into the women’s room with me and he’s 11! The only way I get away with it though is that he has really long hair so everyone assumes he’s a girl. It’s great when we’re all out together and Bill can take the boys to the bathroom! Having just Em with me in the girls room is a like a vacation.

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