Okay, so I’m sick


Even though I never get sick, it turns out I’m sick.  Writing it right now is actually the first time I’ve even admitted it at all. I made the worst mistake ever when you have a sick child in your house —

I did not keep up the regiment.

After I successfully conquered the sore throat that Emmy had given me, I was so cocky and pleased with myself that I stopped taking garlic and Emergen – C.  So when Emmy passed her cold onto August and Buck, germs were obviously still wildly flying around our house and I did nothing to combat them.  I just let children cough in my face and spent days wiping noses and sleeping next to August while he had a fever.  Considering all that, it’s a wonder I only have a little bit of a cold.  (Maybe next time there’s an Ebola outbreak, I should volunteer.)

For a couple of days I’ve just felt stuffy and foggy — you know that weird brain fog you feel when you’re sick.  I was sitting on the couch zoning out when I remembered that the previous day a chicken had run into our house and hid under the couch.  It occurred to me that I had not checked to see if the chicken had ever left the house, so I got up and leaned way over the back of the couch to look underneath it.  I was completely upside down and my head just felt like exploding.  I thought, Wow, this is the low point of my cold right here.  My nose is completely stopped up and I’m upside-down looking for a chicken.  Fortunately, there was no chicken there, but just as I was about to return to a sitting position, I heard Buck say, “Mom, your thighs look huge like that!”  This made Emmy and Aug look and I could hear them mumble astonished, Wows, as they looked at me upside down in my old sweatpants with my thighs squashed against the couch.

I thought, No, actually this is the low point of my cold.



  • bonnie says:

    The only way to guarantee you wont get sick is to remove all children from the house- I was always sick until i became an empty nester – unfortunately i now miss it

    • Holly Hester says:

      Although once you become a grandparent, you get to be sick all over again! I can’t tell you how many times my kids have gotten my mom sick.

  • Juli says:

    Sock…safety pin…but I fear you may have crossed to the dark side…sinus infection.

    Antibiotics are the only cure for that…sorry.

    • Holly Hester says:

      I used to drink apple cider vinegar for my sinus infections and it worked until I got sick of drinking it. Now even the smell of apple cider vinegar makes me gag! Now for some reason I don’t get sinus infections anymore.

  • Jezra says:

    Sorry to hear that you are sick – may you have a speedy recovery! Everyone seems to have cold remedies they swear by and so do I. At first sign of a cold in the house, immediately start gargling with warm salt water 2x a day (for at least 30 seconds). The water needs to be so salty that if you added more salt, you would gag and burn your throat. Sounds horrible, yes, but I am so confident this will work for you, Holly, that by this time next year you will be declaring this your #1 remedy since you will REALLY never get sick!

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