Classic! On Pinterest…

In anticipation of my book coming out on April 20th (which someone pointed out is Hitler’s birthday), I have decided to put all of the book’s illustrations up on Pinterest.

Am Classic Plaid Dr. Bag

Plaid Doctor’s bag

I’ve been on Pinterest since My Year of Fabulous, but I’ve never really been that into Pinterest… You know, there are people that are into Pinterest, really into Pinterest, and then those that aren’t.  I would fall into the second category.  It’s not that I don’t like Pinterest — it’s actually awesome — but I don’t seem to ever have the time for it.  If I have any spare time at all — time where I don’t have kids with me or animals to take care of or writing to do or groceries to buy or a house to clean up — I usually use that time to stare off into space — and we’re talking about just a few minutes here and there throughout the whole week.   I suppose you could call it meditation, but I’m not breathing in any special way or sitting in the lotus position.  I am just sitting and staring off into space, usually in a daydream.  If I was a drooler, I’d be drooling.  I love these moments and look forward to them like a prisoner on furlough.  So I could take my staring off into space time and go on Pinterest, but I just don’t want to.

One of the great things about motherhood is how it makes you appreciate every little thing — like eating a cookie without having to share it, or taking two minutes to stare off into space or just the simple pleasure of having a shower without the door opening and kids coming in arguing.  Sometimes I feel like I’m this weird naked shower judge pronouncing a verdict — “Emerson gets to drink out of the cup today because Buck got to drink out of it last time.  When I bang my shampoo gavel, this bathroom is adjourned!”

So yeah, because of the whole busy thing, Pinterest and I have never really had time to bond.  But maybe we will now that I have these beautiful illustrations to show you.  I just put up Classic, next I’ll shoot for Euro.

Take a look!  I’d love to hear what you think.  Happy Saturday.


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