A great eco-friendly spring outfit…

Ever since I started working on my style book, I’ve been really thinking about my own style.  I classify myself as hippie because my eye always goes to brands like Free People and Lucky and I do enjoy wearing bell-bottoms so large that I can store groceries and small children up my pant legs.  But that doesn’t reflect my whole personality.  (And as we know, style needs to reflect your personality.)

I’d also like the clothes I buy to have some kind of “Saving the Earth” qualities because I’m an Earth-saving kind of gal.  Which means:

1.  My clothes should be made with organic materials.

2.  The companies where I shop should be small — not large conglomerates that make clothes in third world country sweat shops.

3.  The companies should also give back in some way.  Meaning, when I buy something, part of my sale goes to doing something good in the world.

Of course, having all three of these qualities in every single item of clothing in my closet would be very difficult (not impossible though).  That’s why I’ve decided from now on when I buy new clothes, I would like whatever I purchase to have at least one of these qualities.  So instead of watching House of Cards or Game of Thrones or whatever late night insanity I usually partake in, I’ve been doing a lot of online searching for eco-friendly spring clothes.  I’ve been telling myself it’s for the greater good, but really it’s just a way of justifying my shopping addiction.  In the coming months, whatever I find I’ll share with you.

Here is the first outfit I’ve put together —


1.  Prana maxi skirt — 56% organic cotton, 44% polyester.  What I love about this maxi skirt (besides it’s awesome design), is the adjustable waistband.  You can fold it over depending on your height so your maxi skirt isn’t dragging on the ground at the park or some nasty grocery store floor.

2. Organic Tank — Organic tanks for women are one of the easiest things to find when you’re looking for eco-friendly clothing.  This tank is from Rodales.

3. Birkenstock Jakarta sandals — I’ve been looking for a pair of gladiator sandals to wear this summer because they look cute with everything and who knows?  Maybe I’ll have to find a lion in pit at some point and I’d like to dress historically accurate.  These Birkenstocks made me drool.  Must have them…

4.  Toms Tote bag — We all know about Toms one for one shoe program, but Toms has expanded to eyewear and now bags.  With every bag you buy, Toms will provide a safe birth for a mom and baby in need.  HOW COOL IS THAT?  (And I love this tote.)

5.  WeWOOD watch — Say that five times fast.  WeWOOD watch!  WeWOOD watch!  This is a watch company that makes wooden watches.  Very strange, I know. I’ve never heard of a wooden watch either but their slogan is “You buy a watch.  We plant a tree.”  So far, they have planted over 350,00 trees.  That’s pretty awesome and I have to say, I think their wooden watches are beautiful.

Just by searching online a little, I was excited to see that a lot companies are making organic clothing and sustainable fashion and the more people that buy these things, the more other companies will make eco-friendly products.

Changing the world by shopping.  I know it’s a difficult path in life, but someone has to do it.


Comments? Fire away.