Five body products I love…

I LOVE body products.  I won’t go so far as to say that I’m obsessed with body products because I think that word is way overused.  It irritates me when I read things like, “I’m obsessed with these shoes!”  What does that mean exactly?  Do you drive by your closet at all hours of the night checking to see if your shoes are home?  Do you make prank calls to your shoes when you’re drunk and say things like, “I still love you!”  Did your shoes have to file a restraining order against you?  Probably not, so you’re not actually obsessed with your shoes, which is a very good thing because that would be very, very sad.

So although I’m not obsessed with body products, I do border on having an unhealthy relationship with them — like I should never be left alone in Sephora or Ulta ever ever ever.  I’m not that into makeup, but  oils, creams, scrubs, exfoliators, gels, serums, lotions, masks — are my downfall.

Here are some, just some of the products that I’ve gotten recently that I LOVE in a not obsessed, but kind of stalky way.  (They are all mostly organic because I’m annoying) —


I use this peel once or twice a week and it makes my skin feel amazing!  Sooooo soft, all the little bumps gone.  It seriously does exactly what it promises.


I use a lot of oils (coconut for my body, moroccan for my hair), but this Argan oil is my favorite for my face.  I slather a ton of it on my face and neck in the morning and night and it absorbs really quickly and makes my skin feel so moisturized.


Okay, so this product isn’t organic, but it makes my skin so soft and dare I say, dewey.  You know that glow thing everyone is after?  Well, Magu’s Treasure gives you that glow.  I don’t know how.  All it says on the bottle is “superior herbs traditionally used by the most beautiful and wealthy women in the Orient.”  Whatever.  I take two before bedtime and by morning, Magu has magically removed all my dry skin.


Good Goop works on everything from chapped lips to cuts your kids get.  It has beeswax and olive oil and calendula and it’s wonderful.  My whole family uses it all the time.  I’ve been rubbing it on my leg every day since my varicose vein procedure and it’s made a HUGE difference with swelling and bruising.  I would show you a picture of how my leg is healing, but I would hate for you to barf all over your computer, tablet or mobile device.


And finally, last but definitely not least, a flower remedy that helps my kids go to sleep.  I repeat, a flower remedy that helps my kids go to sleep.  It actually works!  My kids love the taste and I give it to them when they are running around like maniacs at eight o’clock at night and I want to burst into tears.  Maybe it’s Pavlovian on their part, but they mellow out right away knowing they’ve just taken Dream Boat.  I can’t thank you enough Dream Boat and Alexis Smart, who ever you are.

Because to me, a good night’s sleep is the best beauty product of all.

Comments? Fire away.