Mod illustrations on pinterest!

I’ve got my Mod illustrations from my book on pinterest now.  During My Year of Fabulous, my Mod month was definitely one of my hardest.  The whole colorful mini dress thing was like some sort of nightmare for me.  My look is so hippie  — earth-tones, jeans and chunky belts — that putting on Mod clothes felt like I was headed to a costume party.  And in fact, I looked exactly like I was headed to a costume party many days.


But now that I look back on all my Mod outfits, I have to say, they look so fun (except for the one above which looks completely insane).  And they make such a statement.  There is no style ambiguity with Mod.  It’s bold, bold, bold.  So if you like wearing skirts and dresses and you love color, you should definitely think about Mod.


Here are the illustrations! Happy Monday!



  • Becky says:

    I have just finished watching the 1st half of season 7 of Mad Men. I think the women were mostly wearing mod? It left me with a burning desire to paint my nails white and also completely squicked by the idea of all those women sitting on chairs. There is absolutely No Way their skirts were long enough to actually sit on and I kept wondering if maybe they wore bloomers or something like that and then there was one lady wearing a silky thing that she couldn’t possibly wear anything more substantial than a g-string under and all I could think was OMG, she’s going to have to sit on a taxi seat. The baby doll dresses looked so cute but were so, completely impractical… This was obviously further efforts by the man to keep the women down. :-)

    • Holly Hester says:

      That’s so true! How did they sit down without their skirts riding up past their butts? I never thought of that because I don’t think I’ve ever worn a skirt so short that it’s a problem. By the end of Mad Men, everyone is Mod and they do it really well. The baby doll dresses are really cute and I would imagine pretty comfortable except for the whole trying to sit down thing. I’m sure it is another conspiracy by men.

      • Becky says:

        I mostly considered it because during my wayward youth I wore quite the daring stuff and I remember a boy once explaining that the reason they all watched with baited breath when I sat was the distinct possibility of a wardrobe malfunction. This honestly had not occurred to me as this was why I veered toward tighter skirts. While they revealed more in silhouette, they also tended to have lots of lycra so they would stay put in a variety of positions. While I also favored the totes adorbes prairie girl sort of minis, you were sunk as soon as you had to fish a book out of the bottom of your locker, making them problematic. Apparently, teen boys were less aware of the relative merits of crinkle rayon v crushed velvet w/spandex.

        • Holly Hester says:

          Wow! You know a lot about this! I’m impressed. That’s funny that a boy told you that about all waiting for you to sit. So honest. And true! I bet your outfits were adorable. I was afraid to wear daring stuff as a wayward youth.

  • Ginny says:

    Mod clothes make me smile. Except when I wear them. Then they make other people laugh. It’s a great, happy style. Just not for me. :)

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