Okay, all the style illustrations are now up on pinterest

This is it.  No more posting style illustrations.  I promise.


Sporty Chic cashmere hoodie

Today I’ve got Slacker, Bombshell, Sporty Chic and Gamine on pinterest.  They all look really great.  My book, Escape from Ugly Mom Island, is now available on amazon kindle.  The printed copy of my book will be available on amazon this week.  Although currently amazon is playing a cat and mouse game with me and not telling me exactly when it will be available.  I will announce it when they let me know.


Slacker delicate gold stackable rings

I am really excited though.  Having finished the book, I have that “exams are over and now it’s time to party” feeling.

Except because I’m a parent, the “party” part will probably mean miniature golf and maybe an ice cream cone, double scoop.


  • Claire says:

    I have the same problem with Slacker! I guess I don’t have the face or body to pull off slacker without looking like a guy. More makeup would probably help but that’s just extra effort and time I don’t want to spend. Gamine is already feminine with the ruffles, bows, polka dots, and cute flats so it takes less work. I like less work and I think why I’m drawn to it.

  • Ginny says:

    How is a double scoop ice cream cone not a party? (Congratulations on your book.)

  • Claire says:

    I have loved all the illustrations and haven’t minded them one bit. By looking at the illustrations, I can see that I fit “Gamine” pretty well although “Slacker” looks pretty easy and I wear that one ALL too much…except the trucker hat. Never had one. I can’t wait to see your book on Amazon! I can’t seem to figure out my style and your book will be a help!

    • Holly Hester says:

      I’m so glad you liked the illustrations! Gamine is a really cute style. Really cute. And I love Slacker too but if I don’t put it together correctly (which happens) I just look like a guy.

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