Rock illustrations on pinterest!

These illustrations are some of my absolute favorites in Escape from Ugly Mom Island.  Every time I look at them I think, I should be dressing more like this.  Forget my carefree bohemian look, I want to be a bad-ass! 


skull ring

But Rock & Roll isn’t really my personality.  I never go to concerts, it only takes one beer to make me drunk and thanks to my children, the songs that run through my head currently aren’t cool, alternative rock songs, but all Weird Al songs.  Also, Rock & Roll is a lot of black and black is just a magnet for cat hair.  I wouldn’t be able to sit down on any surface in our house if I dressed in Rock & Roll.


studded belt

But still, I love dreaming about being more edgy and cool and Rock & Roll… maybe some day… (Rock & Roll high school mom?  Rock & Roll Granny?)

So check out my Rock & Roll illustrations!  Happy happy happy Friday!!!!


  • Ginny says:

    Here’s to all the moms with that inner rock and roll badass. It’s what gets us through the multiplication tables, permission slips, and forgotten whatevers with just enough snarky edge to keep us sane. And give our kids really good stories to pass on to their kids. … BTW, if I’m inwardly rock and roll, but my outward style is American Classic, does that make me Classic Rock??

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