Where to find the ultimate mom fashion guide

On Amazon, that’s where!  My book, Escape from Ugly Mom Island, is available!  You can either buy it for your kindle for 2.99 or as a paperback for 7.99.  The illustrations on kindle will be in color.  The book’s illustrations are in black and white.  (If I wanted color illustrations, Amazon said I would have to charge 28.00 a book!  That’s like a Taschen book!  A little crazy, in my opinion.)


Both the kindle and paperback options look great.  So buy one for yourself, your friends, that new mom down the block that looks like a train hit her, the woman at work who wears a tube top and stretch pants to the company picnic and any woman you’ve ever had a conversation with that starts, “I never have any idea what to wear.”

This book will help.  Remember, we’re all in this together.


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