King of Harts clothing for boys…



King of Harts clothing is a new clothing line for boys designed by fabulous actress/celebrity/entrepreneur Melissa Joan Hart.  Melissa and I worked together for a couple of years on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and it was the best TV experience I’ve had — and it had a lot to do with Melissa and her mom, Paula.  They are nice, happy people and when you have bosses that are nice, happy people then you have a nice, happy staff.  (This does not happen often in television, let me tell you.  Most of the time shows are run by Satan and his minions.)


Both Melissa and her mom are super fun.  Once, we all went to Disney World to film Sabrina and when the park closed down we had the place to ourselves!  I’m not kidding.  There was maybe 30 of us running around a completely empty Disney World riding all the rides for as long as we wanted.  It was like a crazy kid fantasy come true.  I’ve never even told my kids this story because I don’t think I’d ever hear the end of “No Fair”!


I was really excited to hear that Melissa created a clothing line for boys inspired by her own three boys.  Melissa has great taste and I knew she’d bring a spirit of fun to the clothes.  And, well, I love the clothes and I really love that they are made in the U.S.A.  This means less of a carbon footprint and the workers are guaranteed a fair wage.

I got a couple of outfits for my boys and we headed to the beach for a fabulous photo shoot.  Buck is wearing the tucker camo shorts and long live the king popover.


August is wearing the jawesome shark tee and Brady cargo shorts.


The boys tested the clothes for comfort and durability.  They read in them —


They jumped in them —


And they soaked them in salt water —


And the clothes are just fine.  They seem to be virtually indestructible, which is the number one quality I look for in boy’s clothes.  I washed them when we got home, they didn’t shrink or fade and they still look adorable.  Thanks, Melissa!

Just one thing.  When we were out at the beach Emerson said, “Wait.  Melissa only makes clothes for BOYS?”


Melissa, Emmy needs some girl clothes.


And they need to be just as indestructible…


  • You wrote for SABRINA!? That is so awesome and how did I not know this??? Love the clothes and I think that the shark shirt would look totally cute on your daughter too — maybe with a pair of super bright shorts! =)

  • Kris C. says:

    Kids (and clothes) are adorbs, Holly! I do have to stop here and strongly suggest that you write a post about having three kids that look IDENTICAL to their mother at that age (per your old photos you’ve posted). I think you’d make it hilarious! I mean, I don’t know what your husband — their bio father — looks like (…in case they aren’t one in the same…:) ) but unless the two of you look very very similar, I’d say your kids got all your genes in the facial recognition pool. When you talk to Emmy, for example, is it like you look back in time, so it’s really like talking to yourself? Oh what a great Twilight Zone episode that’d be! LOL

    • Holly Hester says:

      Thanks! Sometimes I see the resemblance between Buck and I and a little bit with Em, but everyone says August looks like Bill. I would love to post pictures of my hubs on my blog but he doesn’t want me too! He’s a private kind of guy, but still, sometimes I think my blog looks like I’m a single mom. I will think of a Twilight episode next time I’m talking to my kids. Thanks!

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