Let’s all wear foot jewelry this summer!

I’ve never worn foot jewelry in my entire life.  Putting jewelry on my feet seems about as strange to me as putting a tie or some makeup on my feet.  Or maybe a small wig on my toes for a beach side puppet show.

But I love to try new things.  I don’t care what it is — jumping out of an airplane (check!) or putting on an anklet (almost check!), new experiences are good for the soul.  I believe that everyone has a bubble they walk around in and that bubble slowly shrinks over time, UNLESS you as a human constantly push and expand your bubble.  It’s a daily, lifelong practice.

Think about it –

Awesome old person that’s interesting and engaging and inspirational — Big bubble

Scary mean old person that yells at you and your children in the Costco parking lot — Small bubble

So today my bubble is going to get a little bigger by adorning my feet.

Here are some of my favorites –


1.  Red Sala — All the anklets at this ebay store are very Indian-inspired and jingle when you walk.  I don’t know about you, but having a musical foot sounds very appealing to me.

2.  Starfish barefoot sandal — I did not know that the type of anklet that hooks around one of your toes is called a barefoot sandal.  I’m thinking about getting a barefoot sandal and a traditional anklet and rotating them.

3.  Crocheted barefoot sandal — These aren’t for swimming, but more for “I’m just going to walk around the beach looking amazing”.  This site also has adorable barefoot sandals for kids.  I’m going to get Em a pair.

4.  Gold arrow anklet — I love this one.  So dainty and sweet.

5.  Gypsy anklet — This is a lot of foot jewelry.  Big, dancing around the bonfire, free-of-daily-concerns foot jewelry.  Bubble expanding foot jewelry. (Tambourine not included.)

6. Turkish floral coins —  This Etsy designer is from Israel and her stuff is amazing.  I love these dangly coins.

7.  Crystal beaded — I love all the foot jewelry from this woman’s Etsy store.  She’s from Greece and I just feel like she must have a deep understanding of how to make your feet look pretty on a beach.

By the way, all these links have a ton of foot jewelry, so when you click on them, shop around.  You will be amazed at the different ways you can make everyone stare at your feet this summer.

Enjoy!  I hope you have a wonderful, bubble-expanding day.


  • Lisa and Holly, wearing foot jewelry is much like wearing a bracelet or necklace. Your aware of it in the beginning and then you become accustom to it. They’re much less noticeable then the flip-flop thong thingy. Hope this helps.

  • Lisa says:

    I love the idea of fancy foot jewelry, but I absolutely can’t stand things between my toes (other than a flip flop strap thingy) so I would have to stick to the ankle stuff.

    • Holly Hester says:

      I was wondering about that. Since I’ve never worn one of those barefoot sandals, I was wondering how comfortable it would be.

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