My all organic H&M outfit…

I’ve been really trying to make more eco-friendly clothing choices lately.  My rules are it either has to be organic or fair-trade or “pre-owned” in order for me to crack open my wallet.  And I know that H&M certainly isn’t fair-trade and that it qualifies under the evil heading of “cheap chic” clothing….


They do make cute organic clothes for really good prices.  I feel like I should patronize their online store to buy organic clothes and that will encourage them to make more organic clothes.  Is that just a huge rationalization because I want to shop at H&M regardless of how they treat their workers in factories far, far away?  Hmmmmmmm……

Okay, so I love a good rationalization.  Who doesn’t?  Just check out this eco-friendly outfit!


Organic v-neck t-shirt.  Lyocell blend cargo pants.  Love it.  So comfy.  And by the way, I scored on Mother’s Day with the gladiator Birkenstocks I’m wearing.  One word about the pants though.  I had to send them back twice because they run so small.  First, I ordered a size 8.  Couldn’t get my big toe in them.  Then I ordered a 10.  Couldn’t get them over my knees.  Finally, I was able to pull a size 12 over my junk.

Here I am in a picture I call, “Honey, have you thought about mowing the field lately?”


I also bought an organic henley shirt that I love, and some organic tank tops.  I’m thinking of getting more.

Cause, you know, shopping at H&M helps the Earth.

(Maybe.  Not really.  Oh, let’s just change the subject!  I’ve got a topic — Why do my children keep taking blurry pictures of me? And more importantly, why don’t I notice they’ve taken blurry pictures of me until right before I post?)

Have a crazy happy Monday.


  • Juli says:

    Enjoying inexpensive clothing took a turn for the worse after the latest John Oliver story. I’m back to the vintage and thrift stores (and then of course, the tailor) soon. Just recently, heard myself saying “and it was only…” – have guilt, mad guilt like the kind you get when you buy a snickers bar or veges from Chile.

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