The best place to get fake Birkenstocks

I love Birkenstocks.  In the summer I wear them almost every day.  Not only do I love how they look and feel, but I love that this German company has been making shoes since 1774.  That’s 1774…. The beginning of the American Revolution, King George was on the throne in England and I’m pretty sure people still thought the world was flat.  So I guess the Birkenstock company started as way for people to walk comfortably around our big, flat world until they fell right off the edge of it.

For some time I’ve been eyeing these classic Birkenstocks —


But I’ve hesitated buying them because they’re pretty expensive (125.00) and I thought if I’m going to buy a pair of sandals for that price it should probably be a fancier pair.  And I know that I’m really trying to only wear clothes that are either fair trade, organic or made from a good responsible company like Birkenstock….


A bargain is a bargain.  I found these fake Birkenstocks at Target for 24.99.


They are called “Women’s Bailey Two Buckle Footbed Sandals”.  Excuse me?  Is there a drunk person naming the sandals at Target?  Oh well, I bought them.  I wore them around all weekend and they look and feel almost exactly like real Birkenstocks.  I love them.

Target even faked my other favorite pair of Birkenstocks —


Here I am in wearing my fakey Birks —


I am standing in a hay maze because our feed store had it’s grand re-opening on Saturday (it burned down a couple of years ago) and Emerson was working in the 4-H booth…


Which meant Buck, August and I hung out at the feed store for QUITE a while, mostly in the hay maze.

Here are my photographers shortly before a feed store employee asked them to get off the top of the hay maze —


You know the best part about wearing shoes for 24.99 instead of shoes for 125.00?  When someone who shall remain nameless accidentally slops ketchup all over the lower half of your body including your new shoes, you don’t get angry.

Sorry Birkenstock.  I’m sure we will meet again soon.  (Just not at these prices!)


  • Ginny says:

    I hate to give away my secret. But you can get great birks on eBay. The best time is in the fall, when colder climates make sandal wearing difficult.

    • Holly Hester says:

      Really? Are the Birks on ebay new or pre-owned? I never shop on ebay so I tend to forget about all the great stuff. (Thanks for the share.)

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