5 vegan foods that aren’t disgusting

“Hey, I just made cookies?  Want one?”


“They’re vegan.”

“Oh.  No, thanks.  I’ll just chew on this old shoe instead.”

This is what vegan has always meant to me.  Hard flavorless objects that crumble and grind in your mouth in unpleasant ways.  But recently, I’ve noticed that vegan snacks have come along way.  I’m not talking about the perfect vegan snack of an apple or a carrot — I mean, a vegan processed snack.  A snack where humans are involved in the making of an animal free product.

I am not a vegan.  Technically, I’m not even a vegetarian.  I am a “I don’t eat meat, but if my kids leave meat on their plates I’ll eat it because an animal died and I don’t want that animal’s death to be for nothing” vegetarian.  So that’s not really a vegetarian.  I’d be kicked out of any vegetarian club before I filled out the necessary paperwork.

But these foods that I’m about to share with you are tasty — not tasty vegan foods — but just tasty.  Even if you love meat so much that you walk around the house gnawing on a bucket of spare ribs, it’s good to have occasional snacks and meals where there are no animal products involved.  Good for the Earth, good for your body.


Here are my 5 favorite vegan foods — (Most of these foods are kid-approved too)

1.  Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Chocolate Chip with Walnuts Cookies — I’m topping the list off with some of the most delicious cookies I’ve ever had.  I discovered these cookies when Buck was a baby and I’d be up with him all night. I’d nurse him, eat a cookie, go back to bed.  Repeat.  A few months later I discovered I needed a root canal — not because of the cookies, but because I didn’t brush my teeth after the cookies.  It was totally worth it though.  When I look at these cookies I get a warm fuzzy feeling — we’ve been through so much!

2.  gimMe organic roasted seaweed snacks teriyaki flavor — I dare you not to eat an entire container of these seaweed snacks in one sitting.  I bought a huge package of twenty of these things and my kids ate them in a day.  All twenty packages.  They would just kept running up to me and saying, “Can I get another seaweed?”

3.  Earth Balance P.B. Popps popcorn – I’ve written about these before, but I love them so much I’m just going to keep talking about them.  I don’t even like peanut butter and I love this snack.  How weird is that?  They’re just delicious.

4. go macro macro bar — Okay, here’s the one vegan food on this list that my kids don’t like — but I love.  Which is kind of nice because then they don’t ask me for a bite when I’m eating it.  I’m picky about bars — I find many of them way too sweet and they just have a weird taste.  But this bar has a subtle flavor and it’s good for you.  I keep them in my purse for those moments I need a protein pick-me-up.  My favorite is cashew caramel.

5.  Earth Balance organic butter spread — This isn’t a snack — like I wouldn’t recommend you just sit on your couch and eat a tub of butter spread with a spoon.  BUT — this fake butter spread tastes like real butter.  It actually does.  Bill is a butter snob and after he tried this butter he said, “We don’t need to buy real butter anymore.  We should just get this stuff.”  I was stunned.  You can buy it here.

So that’s my list of favorites.  Have you tried any of these?  What’d you think?  Also, I would LOVE any suggestions you have.  I’m sure there are some vegan foods I’ve never heard of….

(This post was brought to you by all the animals of the world.)


  • Jezra says:

    We buy the macro bars too, especially for school lunches – Adalin likes the chocolate chip. A bonus is that they are high in iron.

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