Did someone say fawn rescue?

The kids and I were at the feed store AGAIN (I’m thinking of asking if they have loft space to rent) and I always stop by the community chalkboard to see what’s new. Usually it says things like “Wanted: Mowing goats”, “Duck eggs for sale” or sometimes just a mysterious “tools” with a phone number.

But not  yesterday. Yesterday it had a sign that I’d never seen before. At first, I thought I didn’t read it correctly. So I read it again. Then I called the kids over.  Does this say what I think it says or am I having an amazing stroke? They confirmed. I was not having a stroke. It’s just that my chalkboard dreams had finally came true.


Fawn rescue needs foster homes? Seriously? So I called. How can you NOT call that phone number?  It might as well say “Heaven — just a phone call away”.

There’s a guy coming over today to check out our property to see if our space will work. If we get the thumbs up, he will then come back over and HAND US SEVERAL BABY FAWNS TO RAISE.

It gets better — THAT HAVE TO BE BOTTLE FED!

So fingers crossed that very soon…


I will be covered in fawns.


Comments? Fire away.