New Life

Thank you for all your support over the loss of Lacy. It turns out that it does feel really good when someone says, “I’m sorry about your chicken.” It also turns out that many people feel the same way I do about animals — that love is love. No matter if it’s on two legs, four legs or chicken feet.

The day before Lacy died, the kids and I had gotten a bunch of new chicks. Lacy met them, but when I stuck a baby chick in her face she looked at me like, Why are you showing me this? I’m really just in the house to look for pasta. Lacy wasn’t really the mothering type and that’s okay.

New life certainly doesn’t remove grief, but it does distract it. Having 35 chicks in the house to take care of is a lot of work, but fortunately it’s the one chore my kids don’t mind doing. Especially Emmy, who is insisting on keeping the chicks in her room. She even made a sign for over her door —


The Barn

And she’s discovered that if you put chicks on their backs, they totally relax… then slowly fall into a deep chicken sleep. It’s really about the craziest, cutest thing ever.

Here’s the first chick awake —


Here’s the first chick a few seconds later asleep. (I know she looks dead, but she’s just napping.) —


Here’s two chicks —


And finally, a medley of three chicks —


Part of me looks at these chicks and thinks, Don’t get attached. It hurts too much.

But who am I kidding? I’m already in love.


  • Ginny says:

    The city girl in me is surprised that the chicks are so big and so gray. What kind of chickens are they? And of course, you guys MUST, MUST, MUST watch the I Love Lucy episode where she raises chicks in the house.

    • Holly Hester says:

      OMG! I forgot about that Lucy episode! We have to! The chicks in the picture are golden-laced wyandottes. Our chicken, Pickles, is also a wyandotte. They turn out to be kind of black and gold.

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