The lambs are here!

Emerson has been waiting since September for lambs and they are finally, finally here.


Here’s Chip…


And here’s Pip…


They are Babydoll Southdown lambs. We got them because they are used in vineyards to keep the grass down and make lots of healthy poops to add nutrients to the soil. Plus, Babydolls are small sheep so they’re not tall enough to reach the grapes. We have an organic vineyard and it takes Bill HOURS and HOURS to mow it and till it, etc. There’s this huge cloud of dust around him — it looks like he’s trying to recreate a scene from The Grapes of Wrath.


I wish you didn’t have to work in the vineyard so much, Bill.

So the lamby lambies will help. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any Babydoll sheep in shelters or rescue places anywhere in the free world. This goes against my number one rule in life to never buy an animal, but for our family I decided it was necessary for Bill to stop acting like Pa Joad all the time. Now we can all be together on Sunday! Thank you Chip and Pip!


We got them from a great farm called Warm Ranch and they seem to be settling in just fine. The first night we made the (obvious) mistake of letting them sleep in Emmy’s room.


I thought the lambs would be exhausted, but it turns out they were just confused and exhausted. All night long about once an hour they would BAAAAAAAAA BAAAAAAAAA, BAAAAAAAAAAA!

It was like having a newborn again. I would just lie awake on edge, waiting for another round of sheep screaming. At about three in the morning, I groggily said to Bill, Why are they doing that?  Half asleep, he answered back, They’re sheep.



Last night Chip and Pip slept outside in a little house we made.  They were much happier.

And so were we.

Welcome to our universe, Chip and Pip.


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