When does it get easier?

A friend of mine used to volunteer in an old folk’s home and he said one of the residents used to wheel around the halls all day moaning, “When does it get easier?” Ever since then, it has been my catch phrase.  Whenever circumstances seem difficult, I can always be counted on to shout out in a pained voice, “When does it get easier?”


I bet this mom opossum has the same catch phrase I do…

In the last month or so, it’s been so hard for me to get to Riot Ranch because I’ve gotten so busy for several reasons. First, we have SO many animals now. It’s ridiculous. Too many. I’m tripping over animals in the house. And we just found 12 more baby chicks in the yard (with a momma hen) which means they are now in the house with us. Specifically, they are in Emmy’s room which we have named  “the barn” because of it’s odor and floor texture.


Second, there’s homework — not mine, of course. But children’s homework. WTF? No one told me this before I became a parent. No one told me that I’d be back in school trying to multiply fractions and talk about the Continental Congress again. And even though I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING, my children keep coming to me for answers. So I spend a lot of time on projects and homework.  (Sad emoji face here.)

And finally, the other thing that’s been keeping me from blogging is exercise. About three weeks ago, everyone in my family got sick. Bill and Emmy got so sick they were granted the official title of having “walking pneumonia”. The rest of us were just kind of sick which meant we got no sympathy whatsoever. The only thing that really prevents me from getting sick is daily exercise, so I thought in order to survive this cold and flu season, I better start exercising right away. And I made Bill start exercising too because that’s what wives do. So Bill and I have been exercising at 6:00 am every morning to different Jillian Michaels you tube videos. (Another sad emoji face here.) The only problem is that 6:00 am is when I usually blog, so I started setting my alarm at 4:30 am in order to write, then exercise. This seemed to be working great for a little bit, but then I started to feel, oh, what’s that word… tired?

I could manage fine until about 3:00 in the afternoon and then I would just instantly fall asleep doing whatever I happened to be doing — like driving or cooking over a hot stove.

So I’ve decided to take a break and return to Riot Ranch over Thanksgiving. I miss it. I love writing it. But right now, I just need to prevent myself from getting sick and oh, what’s the word… sleep?


I dream of relaxing like this kangaroo.

I will not say the corny catch phrase of “I’ll be back.”  But you know, I will be back.


  • Clare says:

    Dear Holly, just a quickie to say that I miss you and wish you and yours all the very best for 2016. I hope life is great for you all.


  • Lisa says:

    I hear you and I feel your pain. I haven’t even had enough time to READ blogs, so I can’t imagine having the added pressure of trying to WRITE one, too. I’ll miss your stories, but let’s all just get through his most wonderful time of the year without killing our sweet children and husbands or ending up in a looney bin, shall we?! Take care and I’ll see you on the other side!

  • Kelly says:

    Hope life allows you return to your blog in the future! Love your writing.

  • I’ve been feeling pretty burnt out with my blog lately because of working a ton (just got a promotion), kid stuff (yay 3 1/2 year old) and um… life. I’m planning to take a break between Christmas and New Years, now I just need to get there! Have a nice and relaxing break! xoxo

    • Holly Hester says:

      I don’t know how you do it, Joules, seriously. Full time job, kid and you blog like every day and also run a lot! You inspire me and blow my mind!

  • Ginny says:

    I’m a city girl, so I can’t speak to the animals, but the homework thing DOES get easier. Mostly because they eventually surpass our knowledge and any help we offer is in the form of office supplies or snacks. And, every single blogger I follow takes a respite now and again. Be well. :)

  • M says:

    I missed your writing! Needing sleep is understandable, but my selfish self wants you to come back soon. You make me laugh.

  • rednalgne says:

    “When does it get easier?”, a certain friend named John grew up in an orphanage that was attached to an old folks home. The orphanage decided that it would be a good idea if the orphans would push the wheelchair for those disabled old folk to help them get to that nights movie.

    Of course, none of the kids liked doing this but to make it more interesting they would have a race to see who could get to the auditorium first. I would think that for a lot of those residents anything would be easier after winning the race to the cinema.

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